by Mark Kidd

HP Announces StoreAll Storage Platform with Analysis and Archiving for Big Data and Cloud Storage

HP has today announced details about its new StoreAll Storage, a highly scalable platform for unstructured data with converged object and file storage services for up to 16 petabytes (PB) of data with billions of objects and files in a single name space. The platform includes HP StoreAll Express Query, an embedded metadata database technology that can be used standalone or in conjunction with big data archive and analytic applications.

HP StoreAll Storage consolidates file and object storage onto a single platform managed by a single interface at more than 1,000 storage nodes within a single capacity pool. StoreAll Storage provides policy-based tiering that distributes data to the optimal storage tier and allows clients to start small and scale out capacity as their needs grow. HP StoreAll Storage also provides file-level autonomic data validation which monitors the data integrity on an ongoing basis rather than at the time of access, so data is always available when requested. The StoreAll Storage Platform announcement is part of a broad range of enhancements to HP’s Converged Storage Platform announced today.

The StoreAll platform incorporates an Express Query IDOL connector that integrates with HP Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) to process dynamic content across large data sets. HP StoreAll Express Query's accelerated file namespace scan delivers inline updates to IDOL-based applications, making it possible to process new data changes and deliver up to date analytics based on realtime information. HP StoreAll Storage can be integrated with HP Autonomy Consolidated Archive to deliver advanced analytics and streamlines processing and review for eDiscovery and regulatory compliance.

The HP StoreAll REST API allows customers and applications to ingest and retrieve data, allowing object storage and file storage services on a consolidated scale-out platform for file sharing, collaboration, and archiving. With these object storage services, customers can build an on-premise storage repository for integration with independent software vendor (ISV) partners’ applications for online file sharing/collaboration and cloud data mobility.

HP StoreAll is certified and integrated with ISV applications including CommVault Simpana, iTernity iCAS, Symantec Enterprise Vault, Agfa HealthCare IDC, GE Healthcare EA and STS, McKesson HPF, and Genetec Omnicast

Pricing and Availability

HP StoreAll Storage will be available on Dec. 20 for an estimated price as low as $0.91 per GB. Pricing includes all software features, including Tiering, Snapshots, Continuous Remote Replication, Express Query, WORM, Data Retention and Constant Validation.

HP StoreAll Storage

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