by Josh Shaman

HP Announces StoreVirtual Storage Updates

HP has announced new and updated StoreVirtual models which are the third generation of LeftHand Storage products and are part of HP's Converged Storage. The new model is the blade-based HP StoreVirtual 4630 Storage while the HP StoreVirtual models 4330 and 4730 have been updated to include Fibre Channel connectivity for scalable storage supporting virtualization growth. The HP StoreVirtual Storage line is a software-only Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) or a Converged Storage offering that runs on rack or blade-based HP ProLiant Generation 8 hardware. HP is also launching a software-defined storage unit that combines its VSA with the new D2220sb Storage Blade.

The blade-based StoreVirtual 4630 is targeted to the midrange market and yields higher performance while cutting the storage footprint in half, thus reducing energy costs. StoreVirtual 4630 is iSCSI-based and interfaces over 6Gb/s SAS while utilzing HP ProLiant Gen8 server technology. It offers capacity at 11.25TB per 1U, which is double the density of previous generations. This scales to 180TB in the HP BladeSystem chassis or up to a massive 720TB in a management group. Adding cost-savings, the StoreVirtual 4630 has a 40% lower $/GB cost than previous generations.

StoreVirtual 4330 and 4730 now offer dual-connectivity to offer better scaling and high availability across locations. Exisiting iSCSI 10GbE support has been enhanced by adding Fibre Channel connectivity. Multi-protocol access meets more use cases while providing shared storage pooled together. That kind of access simplifies management and configuration of devices.

The new D2220sb Storage Blade meets a developing market that requires the benefits of data virtualization while minimizing the footprint of the physical hardware. The D2220sb's space reduction helps to keep down power and cooling costs. Additionally, using the latest HP Smart Array controller, business productivity can be increased up to 50%. Another feature ensures data security using "smart" drive carriers that keep drives from being removed while stored data is being accessed.

Overall, these new and updated HP offerings created integrated solutions for a wide range of markets and use cases. SMBs can benefit from the consolidation of hardware to save on space while placing their storage into a more easily-manageable configuration. For midrange users, HP presents solutions that don't require storage arrays for remote or branch offices. This can drastically drive down costs by reducing footprint and energy costs. Rounding out the market, for large-scale enterprise organizations, they can build up and tear down their storage architectures at will to meet the demands of a range of needs including offerings for cloud customers.

Pricing and Availability

The HP StoreVirtual 4330 FC, 4730 FC and 4630 Storage models are now available from HP as well as the channel starting at $28,000 for the StoreVirtual 4330, $63,000 for the 4730 system and $64,000 for the StoreVirtual 4630 system. The D2220sb Storage Blade with HP StoreVirtual VSA software is also available with pricing at $5,999.

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