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HP Announces Updated 3PAR Operating System and Converged Storage Portfolio

HP today announced upcoming availability for the new 3.1.3 release of its 3PAR Operating System and a range of new Converged Storage solutions and technology. The HP Converged Storage platform is built on a single architecture that incorporates backup and archive functionality as well as primary storage for midrange, enterprise, and all-flash arrays. New devices for the HP Converged Storage portfolio include a new generation of StoreOnce Backup, StoreAll Archive, and StoreAll Storage systems along with updates for HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage.

The new StoreOnce 6500 is specified at an ingest rate of 75TB/hour. According to HP, its most powerful new HP StoreOnce devices at 1.7 petabytes running StoreOnce Catalyst software can outperform the EMC DD990 using Boost by four times during backup and ten times during recovery. A new StoreOnce Security Pack can encrypt individual applications on StoreOnce Backup systems, restore encrypted data, and assure secure deletion of information. StoreOnce Catalyst has also been updated with application-managed backup for Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) and Bridgehead Software.

Later in December, HP will begin offering 480GB and 920GB SSDs that boost the capacity of Converged Storage's enterprise SSD lineup via 3PAR Adaptive Sparing, which reduces the capacity requirements of enterprise flash overprovisioning. When used with 3PAR 3.1.3 and the new SSDs, HP indicates that its updated all-flash arrays can now reach more than 900,000 IOPS and less than 700 microseconds latency with 100 percent Random Reads, 4K block size, and all volumes local to controller. For example, that represents a 25 percent reduction in latency and 230 percent increase in capacity (96TB to 220TB) for the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 All Flash Array over performance from existing 3PAR StoreServe 7450 deployments.

Technology enhancements for meeting service levels include new application and tenant thresholds via HP 3PAR Priority Optimization, with minimums and maximums configurable by IOPS, bandwidth, and latency. HP StoreAll Archive systems now provide native OpenStack Object Storage and Identity Service integration to move applications in-house from the public cloud to increase security and control and new high-density HP StoreAll Storage systems will offer 1.5 PB per rack and a total of 16 PB.

Pricing and Availability

HP StoreOnce Security Pack is available now, and the new 480GB and 920GB SSDs will be available for purchase later this month.

HP StoreOnce 6500 Storage systems are expected in January at $375,000. HP 3PAR Operating System 3.1.3 is expected to be available in January along with the HP StoreAll OS v6.5. HP Priority Optimization software is also expected in January, standalone and as part of the Advanced Data Optimization Suite.

HP StoreAll 8800 Storage is expected in February, starting at 97 cents per GB of capacity with three years of 9-to-5 support and all-inclusive software features. StoreAll 8200 Gateway Storage is likewise slated for February availability, at an estimated $34,650 with three years of 9-to-5 support and all-inclusive software features.

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