by Lyle Smith

HP AppSystems for SAP HANA Disaster Tolerant Solution Now Available

HP has announced it is the first technology partner to be certified by SAP for its HP AppSystems for SAP HANA portfolio with the disaster tolerant (DT) architecture. This will allow customers to host a second HANA system that can take over for their production system in the event of a significant outage such as a power failure or other unforeseen disaster. This certification makes HP the only company in the world that has a certified DT solution for HANA.

HP’s DT solution has an integrated data replication solution using the X9300 IBRIX Network Storage System and Continuous Access (CA) software, which is a feature of the HP P6000 series disk array included as part of the shared storage infrastructure in HP’s scale out HANA architecture. CA provides site-to-site replication for data written to the P6000 series disk array. The first solution certified by SAP provides robust, metropolitan area, data replication for distances up to 50 kilometers or 30 miles, making use of CA in synchronous mode. Testing has now begun for a CA-based asynchronous solution, which will provide data replication for data centers that are over 500 kilometers (or 300 miles).

CA offers a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of zero in synchronous mode. When HANA writes data to the P6000 series disk array, CA instantly mirrors the write to the disk array at the remote site. Additionally, the data write is not tagged as complete until the write at the remote and primary site is complete. As a result, the state of the shared storage at the primary and secondary sites are identical. If a failure occurs at the primary site, the in-flight transactions will be the only thing lost when resuming operations at the secondary site.

This solution's Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is also very close to zero. When a disaster occurs and the system administrator initiates the failover, the HP Storage Management Server (SMS) automatically changes the status of the replicated data volumes so that the remote site servers remote have read/write access. HP X9300 Network Storage Systems then perform an orchestrated failover and begin presenting the data to the HANA remote site servers. During this time, the HANA database can perform a normal recovery from the latest savepoint in a short period of time because these are typically scheduled to occur every fifteen minutes.


HP is working to make the solution generally available to customers.


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