by Bill Valle

HP Autonomy Announces Application Information Optimizer 7.1

HP Autonomy provides software that processes information from disparate data sources such as social media, email, video, audio, text, and web pages. Their solutions include powerful analytics and management tools that also include information governance solutions in eDIscovery, content management, compliance, plus marketing with web content, online optimization, and rich media management. Application Information Optimizer (AIO) 7.1 has been updated and can run on any cloud server and supports both private and public cloud variations.

AIO is designed to allow the graceful movement to a cloud solution for providers that may have been reluctant to this due to fears of losing control of the data and risking security of sensitive information. This solution is part of HP’s information governance portfolio and in June Autonomy announced Legacy Data Cleanup which will help organizations to dispose of outdated and unnecessary data.

Full Information Governance Infographic

AIO can reduce the storage footprint, minimize backup costs, and retire old databases and applications while reducing storage costs by up to 48% and backup time by up to 50%. AIO 7.1 includes some new capabilities like IBM DB2 archiving which allows applications access to combined data from the source and archive DB2 databases. AIO can now leverage Autonomy IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) to allow searches for data across all production and archive databases from a hybrid infrastructure.

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