by Mark Kidd

HP Catalyst Software for StoreOnce Backup Offers Improved Speed and Efficiency [HP Discover 2012]

Updated StoreOnce Catalyst software for HP StoreOnce Backup will allow application servers at remote sites to send deduplicated backups directly to a centralized StoreOnce Backup system. StoreOnce Catalysts also maintains local copies for recovery without additional hardware. According to HP, updates to StoreOnce have allowed backup performance up to 100 terabytes (TB) per hour and data recovery up to 40 TB per hour.

Unlike some first-generation deduplication technology, StoreOnce Catalyst does not require users to “rehydrate”, adding back duplicate data before remote office data can be delivered to the datacenter or for archival. For organizations already using deduplication, Catalyst could reduce network bandwidth, idle and underutilized disk space, and management overhead.

HP StoreOnce now also consolidates multiple management interfaces for backup operations, allowing clients to use HP Data Protector 7, Symantec NetBackup, or Symantec Backup Exec to manage deduplication and data movement in the StoreOnce Catalyst environment. This control extends from backup to replication of data sets for disaster recovery. Independent software vendors can achieve the same integration with the HP StoreOnce Catalyst open software development kit.

48TB HP StoreOnce B6200 Backup systems are available now from HP and channel partners with a U.S. list price starting at $250,000. HP StoreOnce Catalyst software is available worldwide starting at $37,500.

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