by Mark Kidd

HP Extends Backup and Recovery Functionality Across StoreOnce Portfolio

HP’s StoreOnce lineup has added new StoreOnce 2000 and 4000 Backup systems for small and midsize businesses that offer up to two times faster native performance than their predecessors. Earlier this year, the company introduced HP StoreOnce Catalyst software for the enterprise StoreOnce 6000 series backup solution. Now, the entire line of StoreOnce Backup solutions also befits from Catalyst support.

Updates and additions to StoreOnce are part of an overall refresh of HP’s Converged Storage offerings. HP StoreOnce Backup features federated deduplication in order to deduplicate data only once, which can then be replicated from remote sites and between datacenters. StoreOnce solutions address the incompatible deduplication process that can arise when multiple data production products are used within the same infrastructure, essentially reduplicating data in order for it to be deduplicated again.

The HP StoreOnce 6000 series backup system is a large-scale, highly available deduplication appliance. HP is rolling out improved granular reporting and network control for the 6000 series, which increased control over information protection with:

  • Flexible and automated multi-tenant management functionalities for cloud storage environments.
  • Granular reporting and historical trending to help forecast and charge for services.
  • Rapid integration of HP StoreOnce Backup into existing management frameworks.
  • Data traffic routing and data overload avoidance to manage network performance.

HP StoreOnce and StoreOnce Catalyst integrate with HP Data Protector and independent software vendor (ISV) applications including Symantec NetBackup and Backup Exec to consolidate data protection operations at a single point of control for deduplication, backup and recovery and disaster recovery operations.

HP also announced new services to help clients optimize HP StoreOnce Catalyst, including:

  • StoreOnce Catalyst Solution Service reduces time spent on configuration and project execution with a choice of three levels of service based on environment complexity.
  • HP StoreOnce Data Replication Solution Service safeguards information by integrating and configuring HP StoreOnce Data Replication software in three service levels from installation and startup through comprehensive implementation.
  • HP StoreOnce Backup System Health Check Service provides a proactive review of operational, capacity, and performance data to reduce risk and simplify IT procedures with best practices.

Pricing and Availability

HP StoreOnce 2000 Backup system starts at $10,000 and HP StoreOnce 4000 Backup system starts at $25,000. HP StoreOnce 6200 Backup is available starting at $220,000.

HP StoreOnce Catalyst Software is available immediately worldwide with a U.S. list price starting at $500 on the StoreOnce 2600. HP StoreOnce Replication Manager is available as a free download.

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