by Josh Shaman

Imation Assureon 7 Announced

Imation is announcing the release of its Nexsan Assureon 7 disk-based secure automated archive solution which consolidates storage tiers, secures data and reduces complexity in storage management for SMEs. Particularly, government, healthcare and financial organizations that deal with compliance for industry and government regulations are the target-market for this software which can automate storage policies to encrypt, self-authenticate, self-manage, self-heal and self-configure storage for all unstructured files and content. Going one step further, Assureon doesn't necessitate that applications be customized to use proprietary APIs in order to store data in the archive making Assureon easier to operate.

Imation Assureon 7 has some significant enhancements that drive performance and easier overall usability. Starting out, Assureon 7 can be installed on a server and users can deploy virtual shortcuts for near-instant recovery with NAS allowing multiple servers to access Assureon files, which enables a redundant cluster configuration for quicker recovery. Assureon 7 also enables the file system to expand onto multiple disk arrays for efficient capacity usage and simplified management. The Assureon platform is also now based on advanced processor and Nexsan E-Series storage systems. Beyond that, IT administrators can optimize data ingestion speed with server load.

Assureon uniquely offers a number of options for how data is collected and fed into the archive:

  • Via the network or cloud, using Assureon Client software
  • Via NAS-based Assureon Edge, a 2U server with options available for ingestion in Linux or Unix based environments (supporting both CIFS and NFS) or Assureon High Speed Edge, utilizing InfiniBand connections
  • Via SnapLock Protocol, XML Ingestion File, and optional API integration to manage file retention and disposition


Assureon 7 is available now through the channel.

Assureon 7  

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