by Lyle Smith

Imation LTO 6 Ultirum Next-Gen Tape Cartridges Now Shipping

Imation Corp. has announced that it is shipping the next generation in the Ultrium format of Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology-certified LTO 6 Ultrium tape cartridges. LTO 6 is an important part of Imation’s tiered storage solutions that enable organizations (small businesses to large enterprise data centers) to address the increasing amounts of data that require large capacity, affordable offline backup, and archiving.

The new LTO 6 technology has increased its capacity to 6.25TB and boasts faster transfer rates (400MB/s) for improved storage optimization. Imation’s LTO 6 tape cartridges are available under the Imation and TDK Life on Record brands and can be used within any drive or system that uses LTO 6 technology. Additionally, Imation LTO tape media tracks accuracy and durability, which are vital characteristics that solidify the role of magnetic tape media in a tiered data storage infrastructure.

Imation and TDK Life on Record LTO 6 tape cartridges feature:

  • Imation advanced servo writing technology, which ensures precise alignment between drive head and data tracks for greater reliability.
  • Imation patented corner snap, which improves cartridge strength and protects data during shipping or mishandling.
  • Imation patented three-piece tape spool, which distributes stress more evenly over the tape surface for better performance and longer archival life.

Imation and TDK Life on Record LTO 6 tape cartridges are certified by an independent testing board for compliance verification testing called Measurement Analysis Corporation (MAC) as well as LTO Technology Provider Companies (HP, IBM Corporation and Quantum Corp.) to fully support the standards defined by the LTO Ultrium format specifications, including AES encryption, partitioning and WORM functions.


The next generation tape cartridges are currently available through the company’s global network of channel and OEM partners.

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