by Josh Shaman

Inktank Ceph Dumpling Contributions Announced

Inktank is announcing contributions to Ceph that they've made in the newest release of Ceph Dumpling which offers enhancements to the hugely scalable, open source software-defined storage system. Ceph, which we covered back in May in our story about the Cuttlefish release, is an open source, distributed object store, network block device, and POSIX-compatible distributed file system. It's in the Linux kernel and is integrated with the OpenStack and CloudStack open source cloud platforms. Inktank works to deliver functionality to Ceph by contributing its own resources to develop capabilities within Ceph.

The Ceph Dumpling release includes two primary contributions from Inktank. The first is Global Namespace and Region Support. With Dumpling, S3 and Swift API compatible Ceph Object Gateway has been extended to enable users an easier experience deploying object storage with region and zone concepts familiar to those found in Amazon WebServices. Organizations can now have multiple, geographically dispersed gateways connected in a single system with one global namespace. Administrators can also select from several zones per region and to place multiple copies of the same object in different physical locations for greater recovery if necessary. Inktank has also announced that in the next release of Ceph, an entire zone can be copied to separate data centers.

Inktank's other significant capability they've added to Ceph Dumpling is an enhanced ability to link Ceph with existing monitoring and management systems for a more efficient user experience. With that in mind, Ceph REST API is included for monitoring and management functions related to the Ceph Storage Cluster (RADOS). On top of these Inktank improvements, other projects are deepening Ceph's integration with cloud solutions. Additionally, on the Ceph Block Storage side RBD, full support of it was merged into the code base for the upcoming Apache CloudStack 4.2 release.

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