by Kevin OBrien

Intel Now Offers Five-Year Warranty on Intel SSD 320 Family

Intel has announced they will be extending the warranty on their Intel SSD 320 from three to five years. This marks the first time a consumer SSD has been given a warranty length that matches that of hard drives in the consumer space. Until now, the only drives with lengthy warranties under their belt have been enterprise SSDs like the Micron RealSSD P300 we reviewed earlier this month.

Intel is really flexing their muscles to get SSD-adopters' attention when it comes to advertising their products. They have been a step or two behind some of the faster SandForce-based drives, but have offered enterprise-grade features such as power backup capabilities to keep your data safe if power drops to your computer, and the best NAND. 

Early-buyers need not worry about the warranty extension, as they are grandfathered in according to our source at Intel. The big question is -  how many other manufacturers will now start to offer similar warranty lengths now that Intel has upped the ante.

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