by Josh Shaman

LaCie NAS OS 3 Updated to v3.1

LaCie is announcing an update of its NAS OS 3 to v3.1 that powers the LaCie 5big NAS Pro and 2big NAS storage solutions. Amongst other professional feature enhancements, the most significant improvements enhance hybrid cloud capabilities and deliver a 25% increase in RAID 5 write speeds. The RAID 5 write speeds have been increased to over 100MB/s on a single LAN to ensure that users can easily back up several computers at the same time or even edit 1080p video directly from their device. The hybrid cloud advancements enable users not only to have the ability to sync data between their computer and the cloud, but have the more advanced capability of syncing data between their computer and NAS device. This improved sync functionality provides employees even greater access to the most current version of critical files.

Beyond the performance and hybrid cloud updates, the LaCie NAS OS 3 (v3.1) now offers more professional features. There are now real-time alerts for potential issues with the the CPU, RAM or fan, and alerts can be set to email to administrators as well. The updated OS also features the SMART diagnostics tests to ensure reliability. On top of this, LaCie is driving virtualization options with support for multiple iSCSI initiators and targets.


The LaCie NAS OS 3 update to v3.1 is immediately available for the 5big NAS Pro, and it will be available in August of this year for the 2big NAS. The update is free, and users can go to the "Support" widget in the dashboard to find it.

LaCie 5big NAS Pro

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