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Lenovo Announces the ThinkServer RD340, RD440, TD340, and SA120 DAS

Lenovo has announced the 1U ThinkServer RD340 two-processor rack server, the storage-rich, 2U ThinkServer RD440 two-processor rack server, and the ThinkServer TD340, a new enterprise-grade, two-processor tower server, designed for customers who require full enterprise capability in a tower form factor. Additionally, Lenovo has unveiled the ThinkServer SA120, which is a modular and scalable rack-mount, direct-attached storage (DAS) enclosure.

ThinkServer RD340 and RD440

The 1U ThinkServer RD340 and 2U ThinkServer RD440 rack servers are ideal for small- to mid-sized education, retail, professional service, state and local government, and healthcare customers looking for a feature-rich server solution at affordable price. Both two-processor servers are equipped with the next-generation Intel Xeon E5-2400 v2 series processors with up to 10 cores each, delivering 25 percent faster performance than its previous-generation. Both rack servers support up to 192GB of memory.

The RD340 and RD440 are cost effective when it comes to the power consumption of the most demanding infrastructures, collaboration and line-of-business applications. Standard, built-in features of the Lenovo rack servers include hot-swappable storage, integrated RAID, and redundant power and cooling. The RD440 is storage-rich, supporting up to 48TB of internal storage, which is twice the capacity as the previous-generation models. Optional ThinkServer RAID adapters are available to provide additional RAID levels and performance- enhancing features. Additionally, the RD340 and RD440, as well as the TD340, allow customers to leverage their currently deployed management tools by using Lenovo’s suite of life-cycle tools at no additional cost.

ThinkServer TD340

The ThinkServer TD340 is a performance-heavy tower server with Enterprise Reliability and is equipped with up to two Intel Xeon E5-2400 v2 series processors. The TD340’s expandability in an advanced tower form factor gives educational institutions the power to run strenuous workloads, including campus cloud computing, collaborative applications and compute-intensive deployments. With Stoneware webNetwork software, school administrators, students and staff can access data, applications, and services from a wide range of devices and platforms using a browser.

The ThinkServer TD340 is also design to fit the needs of healthcare facilities, manufacturing organizations, branch offices and mid-sized businesses running database and CRM. Additionally, it includes enterprise reliability features and can be configured with hot-swap hard disk or SSDs, redundant power and integrated RAID, with the capability to add RAID performance-enhancing features, such as CacheCade Pro 2.0/FastPath.

The TD340’s generous memory, storage and I/O expansion capability allows the server to be highly versatile and can scale with customers as their business grows. The TD340 can also be configured to support up to 192GB of memory, up to 32TB of internal storage, and has up to six available PCIe/PCI slots to give way for rich I/O options covering various protocols, speeds and interfaces; this includes advanced RAID, and 10Gb Ethernet.

ThinkServer SA120

The ThinkServer SA120 is a dense, rack-mountable direct attached storage enclosure specifically designed for datacenter deployments, distributed enterprises, and small businesses. The SA120 is equipped with both 2.5” and 3.5” drive bays in a single 2U enclosure, providing an optimal tiered storage platform.

The scalable design of the SA120 addresses a variety of workloads, such as data backup, file/print, collaboration applications, video streaming and caching. A single ThinkServer SA120 DAS enclosure can be configured to support twelve 3.5-inch SAS high-capacity, and front-panel drives with four optional rear-panel 2.5-inch SSD drives for expansive direct storage capacity. Servicing the SA120 is simple with its tool-less hot swap components and shared parts from ThinkServer rack servers. For users requiring a high availability and seamless application failover, the SA120 is a cost effective solution at just a fraction of the price and complexity of typical storage area network solutions.

Pricing and Availability

The ThinkServer RD340 and RD440 are currently available at starting price of $1,179 and $1,439 respectively. The ThinkServer TD340 and ThinkServer SA120 DAS will be available in some time in February 2014.

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