by Brian Beeler

Mach Xtreme MX Jet Pro SSD Released with JMicron JMF616

Mach Xtreme Technology has announced the  MX Jet Pro SSD. The MX Jet Pro is one of the first SSDs to market featuring JMicron's JMF616 controller. The 2.5" drive comes in capacities up to 256GB and features read speeds of 270MB/s and writes of 210MB/s (256GB unit only). 

Little is known about the JMicron JMF616 processor, as it's not even listed on their own website, they still show the JMF612 as their most current SSD controller. We do know though that speeds will decrease as the capacities get smaller, something SandForce has done well to mitigate in their SF-1200 line.

In any event, Mach Xtreme has worked with JMicron to tune the firmware to leverage the 128MB cache for great performance at a value price. The price is a bit of a mystery however, being declared to be "truly within the reach of a wide range of DIY users." Unfortunately Mach Xtreme SSDs haven't found their way to the US yet in any meaningful way so we'll have to look to international markets for pricing information.

Other highlights include 1.5 million hour MTBF, 2.3W standby power usage, 6.3W active, and a sub-standard 2 year warranty. 

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