by Adam Armstrong

Mellanox Collaborates With VMware & Micron To Enable Highly Efficient VDI

At VMworld today, Mellanox Technologies Ltd announced a collaboration between itself, VMware, and Micron that will enable highly efficient deployments of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. The VDI deployment will be a combination of Mellanox’s 10GbE interconnect, VMware’s Virtual SAN (VSAN), and Micron’s SSDs.

To support the global growth of mobile internet users, IT administrators are looking for a way to deploy more efficient VDI systems. With the increasing adoption of VMware Virtual SAN, both Mellanox and Micron recognized the advantages of Virtual SAN will enable them and they have integrated it into their VDI collaboration. The joint solution creates a scalable infrastructure while minimizing the cost per virtual desktop user.

The new solution will consist of three servers running VMware vSphere and Virtual SAN each with one Mellanox ConnectX-3 10GbE NIC, two Micron 1.4TB P420m PCIe SSDs and six HDDs. When combined, these three servers will support 360 Virtual Desktops with a boot time under five minutes. Overall seeing an increase in performance while significantly reducing total cost per user.

Each aspect adds its own strength to the collaboration:

  • Virtual SAN aggregates locally-attached disks in a vSphere cluster creating a storage solution that can be rapidly provisioned from vCenter, saving both time and money while delivering high-performance SSD caching.
  • Mellanox's connecters enable scalable, low latency, virtualized fabric, and low power consumption, simplifying and streamlining storage management while yielding greater efficiencies.
  • Micron's SSDs combine high performance, power efficiency, and low total cost of ownership.

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