by Mark Kidd

Memblaze FlashRAID Controllers Announced

Memblaze has announced the addition of a new FlashRAID controller family to its portfolio of storage solutions that leverage the company’s proprietary portfolio of flash storage technologies. FlashRAID is a PCIe 3.0 controller solution capable of consolidating up to 12 NVMe SSDs into a single pool. SSD storage that is being managed by a FlashRAID controller can take advantage of Memblaze’s proprietary global wear-leveling technology for improved flash storage reliability and longevity.

This announcement is part Memblaze's ongoing push to expand into North America from the company's established market base in China. It is the second Memblaze product line to be launched in North America this year, after the PBlaze3 application accelerator platform. The Memblaze FlashRAID will be available as the FlashRAID I for 4TB, the FlashRAID II for 8TB, and the FlashRAID III for 16TB. FlashRAID deployments are designed to scale with additional controller cards.

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