by Mark Kidd

Micron Announces 20nm 128Gb TLC NAND Flash Device

Micron has begun sampling a new TLC NAND device with select customers, in expectation of full production in the second quarter of 2013. The new 128gb device uses Microns 20nm process, resulting in a total size of just 146 square millimeters, more than 25% smaller than a similar-capacity Micron MLC NAND device.

Triple-level-cell (TLC) flash stores three bits per cell, compared to two bits for MLC and one for SLC flash. TCL’s higher storage density comes at the cost of reduced endurance and performance, which is why most existing TLC devices are intended for removable storage applications such as flash cards and USB drives. New advances in TLC NAND architecture have demonstrated the potential for TLC to continue to grow its share of the flash storage market however, with Samsung already offering the TLC-based SSD 840 and TLC NAND SSD solutions expected from the OCZ Everest Platform in the near future.