by Lyle Smith

Micron C400/Crucial m4 Gets Firmware Upgrade

Micron has announced a firmware upgrade for their Micron C400/Crucial m4 SSDs, providing multiple speed and power improvements. Micron has been known for continuous improvements for their SSDs, which benefits bother OEM and client buyers. The latest 010G firmware upgrade is optional; however, those who elect to update will gain several improvements like faster boot times. 

Release note updates:

  • Faster boot-up times: Improved time to ready—the sliver of time between when the power button is pressed and when the drive is ready to accept commands.
  • Faster TRIM: Improved the efficiency of how TRIM works on the drive.
  • Windows 8 certification: The new firmware is officially certified for the upcoming Windows 8 OS.
  • Better power management: Increased power efficiency during standby mode, which can extend battery life significantly.

For those who are unfamiliar with updating SSD firmware, the process isn't always as simple or intuitive as it should be and can be even further challenging for users who don't own an optical drive and have spare media., however, has broken down the Crucial SSD firmware upgrade process to help clarify the process, giving both a standard firmware upgrade process overview, along with instructions to use a bootable USB drive to upgrade SSD firmware where possible.

Crucial Firmware Update Page

Micron Firmware Update Page

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