by Lyle Smith

Microsoft Azure StorSimple 8100 and 8600, StorSimple Manager and Virtual Appliance Announced

Microsoft has announced two new, higher performing storage arrays and two new integrated management services, the StorSimple 8100 and 8600, which are two, new higher performing storage arrays with fasters connectivity (10G) and expanded workloads; and Microsoft Azure StorSimple Manager and Virtual Appliance, which are two new integrated management services with consolidated management through Azure and Azure VM access to enterprise data.

Azure's two new enterprise hybrid storage arrays, StorSimple 8100 and 8600, are not limited to just SSDs and HDDs; they also use Azure Storage as a hybrid cloud tier for automatic capacity expansion and off-site data protection. As a result, IT teams spend less time and effort working on the storage capacity upgrades and the managing of complex details of data protection. The data stored on StorSimple 8000 series arrays is automatically protected off-site using cloud snapshots, which help to address the issue of problematic tape solutions and expensive remote replication solutions. 

Microsoft Azure StorSimple series focuses on application and workloads with 40-60% lower TCO versus traditional enterprise storage. It also features automated data protection with highly efficient disaster recovery. The newly released StorSimple Manager is an Azure management portal that controls all of the functions pertaining to the StorSimple 8000 series arrays across the enterprise. In addition, it offers a single, consolidated management point and uses the Internet to configure all parameters of StorSimple 8000 series arrays as well as for displaying status information in a feature-rich dashboard. As a result, this removes the need to visit remote sites to manage removable data protection media or upgrade storage capacity as data protection and capacity expansion are done automatically by the array using cloud storage. Data management tasks are achieved through the StorSimple Manager for all sites, allowing for a centralized compliance with corporate standards. 

Microsoft Azure StorSimple 8000 Series arrays and Virtual Appliances use a feature called Instant Recovery, which presents synthetic, full images of virtual volumes in Azure to applications and end users, allowing them access data  after a disaster as soon as possible. Instant Recovery also improves restores and DR testing by only downloading data that is required as well as skipping data that isn’t essential or needed.

Main features: 

  • On-demand storage: No need for incessant planning and worrying about running out of capacity for primary storage and compliance data
  • Consolidated management: No need to manage separate data protection solutions or be on-site. Up to the minute status and consistent control in all sites
  • On demand infrastructure: No need to setup or maintain on-premises equipment for new or special projects, since enterprise data can be accessed in the cloud


Users can request a demo here and download the free e-book, "Rethinking Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud Model".

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