by Mark Kidd

NetApp and Desktone Announce Joint Solution for Multi-Tenant Desktops as a Service

NetApp and Desktone have announced a joint solution to support virtual desktops as a service (DaaS) built for cloud delivery environments to reduce startup costs, remove design and management complexity, and improve performance. The new solution positions NetApp and Desktone to leverage their existing technologies in order to capitalize on the growing DaaS market.

Key Features

  • Multi-tenancy enables service providers to securely deliver desktops to multiple customers.
  • FlexClone technology enables near-instant provisioning of new desktops for users with little or no additional compute requirements.
  • Administration self-service portal to help service providers or customers to manage desktop images, virtual machines, user assignments, and desktop support.
  • Integrated reporting and billing systems with APIs to support service provider-based business operations.
  • Grid-based compute architecture tested to support up to 1,000,000 desktops from one platform and infrastructure.
  • Complementary add-on services including home directories, group shares, and automated backup of user data with NetApp technology.

The solution takes advantage of NetApp storage technologies such as thin provisioning and deduplication to improve storage efficiency. NetApp technology also enables near-instant provisioning of new virtual desktops. NetApp Integrated Data Protection allows service providers to offer point-in-time backups for user data, self-restore, and data archiving.

The new solution features security at the application, network, and storage layers to help maintain the privacy of customer data. It supports deployment on FlexPod, a pretested and validated data center platform for networking, computing and storage. FlexPod components include NetApp unified storage systems, Cisco Unified Computing System servers, and Cisco Nexus switches.

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