by Josh Shaman

NetApp Announces NetApp Connect

NetApp is announcing its brand new NetApp Connect application that utilizes technology from ionGrid to enable users to access corporate data from their mobile device securely and intuitively. NetApp Connect is designed to add security to data access which employees have typically done using consumer-based solutions. It maintains security by keeping sensitive data behind the firewall. Users will be able to access documents, presentations, and other information from home directories, SharePoint and CIFS shares in a seamless fashion by downloading the application to their mobile device. Simplifying the process, NetApp Connect doesn’t require VPN setup or separate authentication tools.

Initially released for iOS devices (including iPhones and iPads), the NetApp Connect App allows the user to easily view, stream, download, edit, and share corporate information in pixel-perfect rendering while securely conforming to enterprise governing of data. The mobile app on the device connects to the NetApp Connect Server on the back end which then has access to all the OnTap data. All data remains behind the firewall on premise, and still affords the user simplified consumer-class access and ease of use.

NetApp Connect will soon be released on Android and other mobile platforms and will give mobile users effortless access to the corporate information they need for productivity in the field, whether they are online or offline.

NetApp Connect Product Page

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