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NetApp Announces New and Updated OnCommand Management Portfolio

NetApp today announced new and updated enterprise storage management solutions across the company’s OnCommand portfolio for managing both NetApp and third-party enterprise storage. A new OnCommand Performance Manager solution offers monitoring and troubleshooting for clustered Data ONTAP environments. Existing products that are receiving updates and enhancements include OnCommand Unified Manager, OnCommand Workflow Automation, and OnCommand Insight.

OnCommand Insight

This slate of updates reflects NetApp’s current focuses on improvements to OnCommand reporting and cost analysis for financial management alongside enhanced insight into capacity, availability, performance, and protection for IT management. The value proposition for new NetApp customers is a clearer adoption path for software-defined architectures and service delivery, with reporting tools intended to better support management requirements for that use case.

OnCommand Workflow Automation 2.2

OnCommand Performance Manager brings automated performance troubleshooting and monitoring to clustered Data ONTAP environments. Performance Manager profiles baseline operational conditions for a storage environment in order to identify and alert management to unusual workload and performance patterns. OnCommand Unified Manager provides users a centralized management console; with Unified Manager 6.1 users can now use a streamlined alert system to monitor and prioritize issues according to ratings from critical, error, and warning down to informational alerts.

OnCommand Workflow Automation 2.2 as seen above automates storage processes with workflows based on standard building blocks and Workflow Automation to integrate with third-party orchestration solutions. OnCommand Insight enables cost management, rationalization, and optimization for cloud and virtual storage service providers. Insight 7.0 incorporates a new web interface to present its analysis of storage allocation, chargeback for applications and tenants, and performance. Insight 7.0 can also identify risks to availability across storage vendors and platforms.

OnCommand Management Software and Management Integration Tools

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