by Lyle Smith

NetApp E-Series Platform Updated - Accelerating Big Data Innovation, Analysis, and Workflows

NetApp has announced new enhancements to its E-Series platform. Designed for high-performance applications and data-intensive workflows, the new and improved E-Series platform establishes a foundation for highly available, high-capacity, performance-optimized application workflows in critical vertical markets. This includes sectors such as healthcare, security, media and entertainment, and high-performance computing markets such as oil and gas, manufacturing, and government.

The latest update to the NetApp SANtricity storage management software for E-Series includes features such as SSD caching for improved performance, a broadening of network interface support for E5400 storage system for increased connectivity and network flexibility, and new mirroring and replication services for superior data protection. This improved platform offers NetApp and their OEM partners to build innovative storage systems that bring greater performance to the most challenging big data workloads.

Businesses that have to deal with large, complex datasets can enhance and boost their workflows with the new SSD cache capabilities in the NetApp E-Series platform. SSD cache gives customers the ability to automatically store blocks of “hot” data on SSDs, giving speedy access and improving application performance. Data that is not accessed as often is stored on more cost-effective, larger-capacity HDDs. Additionally, SSD cache enables intelligent storage tiering and boasts faster access to critical application data as well as cost-effective density for longer retention periods. With this streamlined access, the E-Series platform allows OEMs to build performance-optimized, high-capacity, cost-effective solutions that boost innovation, analysis, and workflows for the most challenging customers.

With these enhancements, customers and OEMs can now use new 10GB/s iSCSI and 6GB/s SAS network interfaces on NetApp E5400 systems, which is the broadest network interface selection available for dedicated workload solutions. As a result, these interfaces optimize the customer environment and experience for connecting hosts and extending replication capabilities between E-Series systems.

Its improved data protection features aid E-Series and OEM customers to deliver a dedicated, highly available, application-specific infrastructure. Updates to data protection include: additional mirroring, copy service techniques, and dynamic disk pools to secure data. The security technology allows big data customers to sustain business operations and to reduce the costs of storage systems. Additionally, its redundant components, automated path failover, and online administration enable organizations to be more productive.

NetApp E-Series

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