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NetApp FAS2500 And FAS8080 EX Storage Systems Announced

NetApp has announced two new storage system platforms to their portfolio: the performance-heavy FAS8080 EX and the entry value-focused FAS2500. The FAS8080 EX is designed for growing organizations and service providers looking for solutions that can handle performance-intensive SAN and NAS workloads at a very large scale, while the new entry-level FAS2500 hybrid arrays are built to simplify operations, increase productivity using superior integration with ecosystem, extend system life, and minimize future costs.

NetApp FAS2500

With expanded flash support, NetApp ensures that the FAS2500's will accelerate workloads with their hybrid arrays by up to 46% as well as an increase of usable capacity by 48% compared to HDD-only configurations. The FAS2500 leverages NetApp’s Data ONTAP storage operating system to simplify data management across the entire enterprise IT environment, including both the on-site datacenter and the cloud; all on a single shared architecture.

NetApp indicates that organizations can scale operations and better manage acquisition costs, all the while reducing the risk business operations disruption. FAS2500’s software management capabilities, which simplify tasks through automation, help to reduce setup time and repetitive operations.

The FAS2500 series comprises three models that can all leverage 4TB of VST flash. The FAS2520 scales to 336TB with up to 84 drives, the FAS2552 518TB across 144 drives and the FAS2554 576TB with 144 drives.

FAS2500 series specifications per HA Pair: 

  • Maximum raw capacity:
    • FAS2554: 576TB
    • FAS2552: 518TB
    • FAS2520: 336TB
  • Maximum drives:
    • FAS2554: 144
    • FAS2552: 144
    • FAS2520: 84
  • Controller form factor: 4U/24 drive (FAS2554), 2U/24 drive (FAS2552), 2U/12 drive (FAS2520)
  • ECC memory: 36GB
  • Maximum Flash Pool: 4TB
  • Onboard I/O: UTA 2 (8Gb FC/16Gb FC/FCoE/10GbE): 8 (FAS2554 and FAS2552), N/A (FAS2520)
  • Onboard I/O:10G Base-T: N/A  (FAS2554 and FAS2552), 8 (FAS2520)
  • Onboard I/O: GbE: 4
  • Onboard I/O: 6Gb SAS: 4
  • OS version Data ONTAP: 8.2.2 or later
  • Storage protocols supported: FCP, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, FCoE FCP, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, FCoE iSCSI, NFS, CIFS
  • Host/client operating systems supported: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows XP, Linux, Oracle Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS, VMware, ESX

FAS2500 series specifications for Scale-Out Configurations (Hybrid and Disk-Only Configurations)

  • NAS/SAN scale-out:
    • FAS2554, FAS2552: 1–8 nodes (4 HA pairs)
    • FAS2520: 1–4 nodes (2 HA pairs)
  • Maximum drives: 576 (FAS2554, FAS2552) 168 (FAS2520)
  • Maximum raw capacity: 2.30PB (FAS2554), 2.07PB (FAS2552), 672TB (FAS2520)
  • Maximum Flash Pool: 16TB (FAS2554, FAS2552), 8TB (FAS2520)
  • Maximum memory 144GB (FAS2554, FAS2552), 72GB (FAS2520)
  • Cluster interconnect: 10GbE (FAS2554, FAS2552), 10G Base-T (FAS2520)

NetApp FAS8080 EX

The FAS8080 EX is NetApp’s most powerful, scale-out array to date, built specifically for demanding business-critical applications. The FAS8080 EX scales to approximately 4 million IOPS with a top-end system capacity of 5760TB of storage across 1440 drives and 36TB of VST Flash. The FAS8080 EX also includes forty processor cores, 256GB DRAM, 16 onboard I/O ports and 24 PCIe slots for expansion. Nodes are balanced together in a high-availability pair to offer greater than five 9's of availability. Of course the FAS8080 EX can be configured numerous ways including hybrid and all-flash. Either way, the system is designed for applications that demand low-latency with all of the reliability and data services NetApp is known for. Up to 24 nodes can be combined to deliver nearly 70PB of storage which is managed through a single console. 

FAS8080 EX specifications Per HA Pair 

  • Maximum raw capacity: 5760TB
  • Maximum drives: 1,440
  • Controller form factor: 12U (2 enclosures)
  • ECC memory: 256GB
  • Flash for Hybrid Storage Configurations:
  • Maximum Flash Cache: 24TB
  • Maximum Flash Pool: 36TB
  • Combined flash total: 36TB
  • NVRAM: 32GB
  • PCIe expansion slots: 24
  • Onboard I/O: UTA 2 (16Gb FC/FCoE/10GbE): 8
  • Onboard I/O: GbE: 8
  • Onboard I/O: 10GbE: 8
  • Onboard I/O: 6Gb SAS: 8
  • OS version: Data ONTAP 8.2.2 and later
  • Storage protocols supported: FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, pNFS, CIFS/SMB, HTTP, FTP
  • Host/client operating systems supported: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows XP, Linux, Sun Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS, VMware, ESX

FAS8080 EX Scale-Out specifications

  • NAS scale-out: 1-24 nodes (12 HA pairs)
  • Maximum drives: 17,280
  • Maximum raw capacity: 69PB
  • Maximum flash: 432TB
  • Maximum memory: 3072GB
  • SAN scale-out: 1–8 nodes (4 HA pairs)
  • Maximum drives: 5,760
  • Maximum raw capacity: 23PB
  • Maximum flash: 144TB
  • Maximum memory: 1024GB
  • Cluster interconnect: 2, 4, or 6 10GbE

The complete FAS unified, scale-out storage system portfolio is built to support demanding enterprise application workloads. NetApp promises that organizations will be able to adapt quickly to changing business needs, all the while delivering maximum uptime, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Additionally, core enterprise applications are designed to run smoothly on NetApp, including those from Oracle, Microsoft, Citrix, and SAP.

OnCommand Insight allows enterprises and service providers to manage their virtualized and cloud environments with its focus on storage cost management, rationalization, and optimization of storage services. NetApp Services for OnCommand Insight is specifically designed for customers deploying high-end FAS8000 systems across heterogeneous datacenters. Users can customize OnCommand to take full advantage of NetApp resources and tools to construct IT analytics with relevant dashboards and reporting capabilities.


The new FAS systems are available now; NetApp is currently offering users a 90 day payment holiday to help customers when transitioning to the newest NetApp enterprise storage solutions.

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