by Brian Beeler

NetApp FAS3220 and FAS3250 Midrange Storage Platforms Released

NetApp has updated their midrange storage platforms with the FAS3220 and FAS3250. The FAS3200 platforms aim to help SMBs and SMEs improve performance, reliability and scalability in their NAS/SAN environments. NetApp has optimized both units for flash storage to increase performance, they are cluster-enabled to support non-disruptive operation and support increased total capacity. 

NetApp boldly characterizes the FAS3200 agile data infrastructure as intelligent, immortal and infinite. A brazen "Triple I" for sure, but given an architecture that supports virtual storage tiering, data efficiency, integrated data protection, secure multi-tenancy and seamless scaling, amongst other features, the message is clear - the NetApp FAS3200 family offers the midrange storage user a robust enterprise-grade feature set with tools to make management easier over the life of the system. 

The FAS3200 series is can be configured from a few TB to up to 2PB in a single system. When configured in a cluster, the infrastructure can be scaled in performance and capacity over 24 storage nodes. Additionally, cluster configuration allows for system upgrades and hardware replacements with no down time and performance load balancing. To accommodate for growth in networking, storage adapters and flash storage options, NetApp has increased the number of PCIe slots in each unit. Both units support NetApp Flash Cache, which leverages flash in a PCIe slot and is completely automated. They also support NetApp Flash Pool, software designed to use SSDs for automated tiering.

Feature enhancements and updates to each include:

  • NetApp FAS3220
    • Up to 80% performance improvement over prior model (FAS3210)
    • Over 2x System Memory (24GB vs. 10GB per HA pair)
    • 2x number of processor cores (8 vs. 4 per HA pair)
    • Twice the storage capacity – up to 480 drives
    • Up to 3x IO slots
    • Fully Flash-optimized
    • Price and feature upgrades increase competitiveness
  • NetApp FAS3250
    • Up to 70% performance improvement over FAS3240
    • Over 2x system memory (40GB vs. 16GB per HA pair)
    • 2x number of processor cores (16 vs. 8 per HA pair)
    • 20% more storage capacity – up to 720 drives
    • Fully Flash-optimized
    • Price and feature upgrades increase competitiveness


The NetApp FAS3220 and FAS3250 are available today.

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