by Mark Kidd

New EMC VMAX Enterprise Storage Family Offers Support for the Hybrid Cloud

EMC has announced specifications for its new VMAX Family, consisting of the VMAX 10K, VMAX 20K and the newest VMAX 40K. The VMAX Family is built on EMC’s Virtual Matrix Architecture which provides the enterprise information infrastructure for deploying hybrid clouds. This architecture is complemented by new software capabilities that streamline operations and extend VMAX to new hosts and applications.

VMAX Platform Updates

  • The new Unisphere streamlines operational management across the VMAX Family.
  • Federated Tiered Storage (FTS) for VMAX is a new, no-charge feature to allow the use of external arrays as capacity pools for FAST VP (Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools) or to be managed as pass-through devices.
  • FAST VP for VMAX now supports IBM System z mainframes and IBM i servers.
  • EMC RecoverPoint integration across the VMAX Family.
  • Enhancements to Enginuity, the VMAX operating software, available on all VMAX Family solutions plus all EMC VMAX and EMC VMAXe arrays sold since 2009.

EMC VMAX 40K Overview

According to EMC, the new VMAX 40K will deliver as much as 3X more performance and 2X the usable capacity of any other VMAX enterprise storage product. The VMAX 40K also offers new high density configurations using 2.5" SAS drives and MLC (eMLC) Flash drives.

VMAX 40K Platform Hardware

  • Leverages up to 32 2.8GHz Intel Xeon 6-core processors, as much as 2TB of mirrored (1TB usable) and ECC-protected DDR3 DRAM. The 40L offers more than 3X the sustained cache-miss bandwidth and 2X the total IOPS than competing arrays.
  • Supports up to 4PB of usable capacity with 3.5” drives or a new high density option utilizing 2.5" SAS drives to support up to 3.2PBu in a footprint that is a 1/3 smaller and uses 1/3 less power than the equivalent configuration using 3.5" drives.
  • New 2.5" eMLC (Multi-Level Cell) Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD) deliver performance, reliability and life expectancy of SLC-based EFDs at a lower price than comparable 3.5" SLC EFDs. eMLC EFDs allow customers to build FAST VP configurations utilize more flash and more nearline capacity to improve both $/GB and $/IOPS.

High Availability and Data Integrity Features

  • Federated Tiered Storage (FTS) provides active data integrity checking on all data in external arrays to protect against silent data corruption.
  • FAST hinting to remote replica devices ensures optimal data layout in the event of a fail-over / fail-back event.
  • EMC RecoverPoint for EMC VMAX delivers enterprise-class heterogeneous local and remote replication of EMC VMAX with point-in-time recovery.

Management and Automation

  • The new Federated Tiered Storage enables customers to put heterogeneous storage arrays behind EMC VMAX and use trusted Symmetrix SRDF and TimeFinder software for business continuity plus FAST VP for improved performance in order to extend the value of existing storage arrays.
  • FAST VP for mainframe count-key data (CKD) volumes offers FAST VP to mainframe-based workloads and applications.
  • Brings the benefits of thin provisioning and automated tiering to IBM i customers, providing Virtual Provisioning and FAST VP for IBM D910 formatted devices.
  • ProSphere delivers the ability to manage storage, server and network resources through a single pane. ProSphere now reports on host capacity use by FAST policy to enhance reporting in FAST VP environments and will show external capacity imported through FTS providing a single management console for analyzing and reporting on all capacity consumed across the data center.
  • New ProSphere integrated support for FAST VP utilization monitoring and policy-based chargeback.


All of these new products, features and capabilities are shipping now.

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