by Lyle Smith

NexentaConnect For Citrix XenDesktop Announced

Nexenta has introduced NexentaConnect for Citrix XenDesktop designed for Citrix Cloud Deployments. This edition of NexentaConnect virtual storage accelerator allows virtual desktop administrators to accelerate the performance of their organization's desktops on new or existing storage arrays, all the while providing greater density at a much lower cost. The NexentaConnect solution reduces the amount of storage required for a XenDesktop deployment, offers real-time visibility and management of individual desktop users using storage resources, and lowers the cost per desktop.

Legacy storage solutions consume a significant amount of resources in VDI deployments and IT decision makers have been tasked to find the right storage configuration; a solution that not too expensive, complex, time-consuming, and slow. This issue is typically solved by adding more hardware, buying one-off arrays for VDI, or deploying an all flash system; however, this options drive up the cost of VDI deployments and compromise IT budgets everywhere. With NexentaConnect for XenDesktop, virtual desktop administrators can integrate storage and desktop management for XenDesktop Machine Creation Services (MCS) without having to purchase complex and expensive hardware.


NexentaConnect for XenDesktop is currently available in public beta through Nexenta’s regional sales teams.  General availability is slated for a Q3 2014 release. NexentaConnect for XenDesktop will also be on display for attendees of Citrix Synergy in Los Angeles, May 6-8, 2014.

NexentoConnect Product Website

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