by Lyle Smith

Next-Generation Intel Atom Storage Platform for Small Businesses and Consumers Announced

Intel has announced its next-generation Intel Atom processor-based storage solution to aid customers in having greater control over of their data. With the ongoing real-time increase of storage demands, Intel's storage solution, which is powered by the Intel Atom processor D2550 or the Intel Atom processor D2500, combines multimedia capabilities, energy efficiency, and excellent to bring personal cloud to both the business sphere and consumers.

QNAP's new HD Station, equipped with an Intel Atom D2550

Many businesses require on-site solutions to store and access data locally, in addition accessing that data remotely. With Intel's new solution, they can provide their employees with a personal cloud storage so they can have fast and secure access to files from work, home, or on the road. It also supports multiple file-transfer protocols so companies can share data and content no matter what operating system is being used.

Security is always a major concern to businesses, and as such, Intel's new storage solution is supported by the McAfee AV SDK and VirusScan, which gives small businesses a effective tool for protection against data corruption and malicious attacks. The centralized backup of all devices also helps to ensure that their data is protected. Additionally, businesses with video surveillance systems can attach up to two monitors to a single platform-based storage device and also view up to four camera feeds in HD-quality clarity.

Intel's storage solution also acts as centralized media platforms for storing movies, music, videos, games, photos and other content. Once customers gain access, they can also share files using a variety of connected devices including Ultrabooks, notebooks, smartphones and tablets, creating a personal cloud.


NAS vendors including QNAP are currently launching storage solutions on this platform, as well as other companies in the near future.

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