by Lyle Smith

Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Platform Announced

Nimble Storage has announced the Adaptive Flash platform, which allows enterprises to meet performance and capacity requirements for any workload in virtualized datacenters and cloud environments.  The new platform promises to deliver the performance of flash-only arrays and the capacity of hybrid arrays with their new CS700 Series arrays and All-Flash Shelf, allowing it to boast upwards of 500,000 IOPS, 64TB of flash, and a petabyte of capacity.

Adaptive Flash uses CASL, which is Nimble Storage’s Cache-Accelerated Sequential Layout architecture. This platform is engineered specifically so that organizations can achieve the highest levels of performance efficiently. Nimble's CS700 Series array is designed handle a range of performance-intensive enterprise workloads, including large-scale VDI deployments and high transaction-volume databases, as well as other performance intensive server virtualization workloads such as Microsoft Exchange. The new All-Flash Shelf can scale flash gradually up to 16TB per node, or 64TB in a 4-node scale-out cluster. 

Another core part of Adaptive Flash is InfoSight, which is their automated cloud-based management and support system. InfoSight recommends the precise amount of resources needed when application demands ultimately change within an enterprise. In addition, Nimble’s scale-to-fit approach allows for a non-disruptive addition of resources; this helps to avoid over provisioning, under-utilization, and increased costs.

Nimble also states that it offers greater than Five-Nines (99.999 percent) level of system availability. Much of this reliability is due to Nimble’s architecture which was designed with specific elements in mind including; fully redundant hardware, no single points of failure, and fully non-disruptive upgrades.


The CS700 and All-Flash Shelf will be generally available this month.

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