by Josh Shaman

Nimble Storage Announces InfoSight

Nimble Storage announced InfoSight which is a new set of services for Nimble's storage arrays which utilize the cloud and deep data to streamline activities. The InfoSight data collection engine securely gathers data every five minutes, which comes to a total of 30 million sensor values per array daily. InfoSight analyzes that data so that users can not only monitor their arrays and check reports, but also forecast their future storage needs. This new InfoSight system is being announced in conjunction with an online community forum called NimbleConnect. NimbleConnect offers a wide range of articles and posts about best practices, while also putting peers in contact with one another to bounce ideas about improving their systems' performance capabilities.

Nimble InfoSight uses the collection of data it takes in with its pattern recognition and correlation analysis to prevent failures from happening. According to Nimble, 80% of their Nimble Storage support cases are found and resolved automatically using this proactive wellness capability. More complex issues are also solved quicker as the Nimble support team has loads of information about system problems before users even initiate contact.

Nimble InfoSight has a cloud-based portal tool that enables useres to use a web UI to monitor their arrays, evaluate reports, and forecast data needs. The portal also allows users to indicate thresholds at which they should be notified as well as triggers that automate InfoSight to notify administrators. All of this makes it simple for users to plan array upgrades, set the frequency at which the system creates snapshots, and to provision bandwidth. The InfoSight portal tool also recommends array upgrades to users as well as optimization suggestions. In conjunction, the executive dashboard lays out significant statistics clearly by showing a summary of capacity savings, protection benefits, and downtime savings.


The InfoSight portal will become available in the next 30 days to all Nimble customers as part of their support subscription package.

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