by Lyle Smith

Nimble Storage InfoSight Updated With New Performance Analytics Capabilities

‚ÄčNimble Storage has announced new performance analytics capabilities within Nimble Storage InfoSight. These new capabilities are key improvements to the predictive analytics InfoSight has offered providing real-time monitoring, reporting, forecasting and planning capabilities to customers. InfoSight eliminates the time-consuming and manual process of determining how and where performance bottlenecks originate by providing an automatic diagnosis and correlation of leading factors that impact performance or latency. This results in customers being better positioned to implement specific tasks in real-time to keep their storage infrastructure running at full efficiency.

InfoSight gives customers the ability to obtain a complete view of their storage environment through its cloud-based data collection engine, which automatically collects comprehensive data around the overall health of their storage, such as performance, capacity, and data protection. With this feature, systems administrators are able to pinpoint the source of elusive problems with a deeper level of insight into the leading factors for performance challenges, including details specific to host or network challenges, flash to disk ratio, and CPU utilization.  The ability to automatically identify these challenges the time consuming issue of manual data collection and analyses as well as professional services fees, all the while ensuring systems run at peak health.

With these new capabilities, Nimble Storage also allows customers to give resellers access to their InfoSight portal, the web-enabled interface that provides a summary of each customer’s capacity savings, protection benefits, and downtime savings achieved. With this new access, channel partners will gain a deeper knowledge concerning end user environments as they are called upon to be trusted advisors in the IT decision-making process. In addition, Nimble channel partners are better positioned to proactively forecast aspects of customer environments, including array upgrades, cache expansion, and other recommendations to keep their customer environments running smoothly without interruption. 


These new InfoSight enhancements are now available to all Nimble Storage customers as part of their support subscription package.

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