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NETGEAR ReadyNAS 524X Review

The NETGEAR ReadyNAS 524X is a 4-bay storage solution designed for small-to-medium businesses that need a mid-range NAS with enterprise data protection functionality.  Powered by an Intel D1508 Dual Core 2.2GHz Server Processor, the 524X is the smallest model of the 520 Series, featuring a built-in 10Gb Ethernet port, three USB 3.0 ports, and compatibility with SATA/SSD 2.5" or 3.5" hot-swappable drives.  

Micro Focus Announces Vertica 9

Micro Focus has announced Vertica 9, the newest release of its Vertica Analytics Platform. With a focus on simplifying the production and deployment of machine learning models, Vertica 9 adds a plethora of in-database Machine Learning capabilities, such as new algorithms, model replication, data preparation functions, and continuous end-to-end workflow. Vertica 9 will be deployable from the Google Marketplace for increased flexibility and will have further integration with Microsoft Azure including Power BI certification as well. Also announced is the beta release of Vertica in Eon Mode, giving organizations the ability to evaluate the separation of compute and storage for Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployments.  

Veritas Improves 360 Data Management Portfolio to Tackle the Complexities of Multi-Cloud

At Veritas Vision 2017 in Las Vegas, Veritas Technologies has announced significant advancements to the company’s 360 data management portfolio. Veritas strives to make transforming organizations a seamless process for their customers and channel partners. Today the company simplified the process further by making their entire portfolio under a single subscription license. Designed to help organizations better utilize their data in a complex, multi-cloud world, this announcement includes new innovations to Veritas NetBackup, Veritas Information Map and Veritas Appliances.

HPE MSA 2052 SAN Storage Review

This summer HPE made several portfolio updates including the release of the fifth generation MSA platforms consisting of the MSA 2050 and MSA 2052 entry-level SAN arrays. Starting at under $10,000, the new MSA systems deliver a deep set of well-proven features (500,000 systems sold), along with reliability and ease of use that MSA has long been known for. The MSA 2050 family is no slouch, though, touting an impressive 200K IOPS of throughput. It is certainly able to compete outside its weight class. HPE offers a couple of options in the latest MSA line, both leveraging the same chassis. The MSA 2050 can leverage HDDs with SSD pools or SSD caching, while the MSA 2052 comes with the licenses and two included SSDs for performance tiering. In a cache scenario, customers would typically add two SSDs to the mix, where a tiering configuration would generally have four SSDs. For the emphasis of this review, we'll focus in on the MSA 2052 with four SSDs for tiering. 

Synology Announces a Slate of new XS/Plus/Value-Series DiskStations and Surveillance Products

Synology has announced a slate of a new XS/Plus/Value-Series DiskStation NAS solutions, which is comprised of the DS3018xs, Synology’s first 6-bay tower NAS with optional 10GbE and NVMe SSD support; the DS918+, DS718+ and DS218+, which are designed for intensive daily workloads; and the DS418, which features optimized 4K online transcoding capability. Also announced is a brand-new lineup of surveillance products, including NVR1218, an all-in-one, standalone surveillance solution; and the VS960HD, a compact surveillance monitoring and management device.

Veritas Announces New 360 Data Management Capabilities

At Veritas Vision 2017, Veritas Technologies has announced several new 360 data management capabilities for Veritas and Microsoft Azure customers.  Designed to help customers capitalize on the flexibility and agility offered by Azure, Veritas claims that these new innovations will benefit from the company’s data management capabilities, reducing costs and ensuring compliance while increasing visibility and simplifying workload migration.

Vexata Comes Out Of Stealth & Launches Its Active Data Fabric

Today Vexata came out of stealth (or four years of semi-stealth in their words) and unveiled its Active Data Fabric. The company is calling its product a revolutionary software-defined all-solid-state data storage infrastructure enabling transformative performance at scale for Tier 1 applications in enterprise or cloud datacenters. Vexata is backed by $54 million in funding from VCs such as Mayfield, Intel Capital, Lightspeed Ventures, and Redline Capital.

Hitachi Vantara Introduces Next-Gen UCP Software & CI Systems

Today at Hitachi NEXT 2017 in Las Vegas, Hitachi Vantara launched Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) CI, its new family of converged infrastructure. Also on its UCP front is the Hitachi UCP Advisor 2.0, the next generation of its management automation and orchestration software for the Hitachi UCP family of systems. Combining the new CI systems and software delivers a flexible, high-performance enterprise-class platform that support next-generation digital solutions.

Hitachi Intends To Disrupt The IoT Market With New Appliances & Software Stacks

Today at Hitachi NEXT 2017 in Las Vegas, Hitachi Ltd. and Hitachi Vantara made announcements around the Internet of things (IoT). The two companies are jointly releasing the first commercially available Lumada IoT platform. This v2.0 of the platform now has a portable architecture enabling it to run on the cloud or on-prem. Vantara also unveiled Hitachi IoT Appliance, powered by Lumada, Hitachi’s IoT platform.

Hitachi Enterprise Cloud Expands Its Managed Services

Today at Hitachi NEXT 2017 in Las Vegas, Hitachi Vantara announced that it has expanded Hitachi Enterprise Cloud (HEC) portfolio to now address DevOps and containers. HEC with VMware vRealize Automation expands on services it offers for DevOps and Container Support for hybrid cloud deployments inclusive of cloud-native architectures. Hitachi Vantara is also announcing a Hitachi Enterprise Cloud Container Platform that will provide hybrid cloud resources for DevOps that utilize microservices architecture with a turnkey, end-to-end container as a service environment.