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HPE Release OneView 4.0

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) introduced an update to its OneView software, version 4.0. The latest version aims to streamline data center management and operations while simplifying hybrid IT. HPE also announced several new cloud management partners who have integrated their software with the unified RESTful API offered in HPE OneView. 

Red Hat Releases Red Hat OpenStack 12

Today at the OpenStack Summit Sydney 2017, Red Hat Inc. announced the latest version of its massively-scalable and agile cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Red Hat OpenStack 12. This new IaaS is based off of OpenStack’s Pike release, and introduces containerized services, improving flexibility while decreasing complexity for faster application development. Red Hat OpenStack 12 also comes with a slew of new enhancements such as an upgraded DCI (distributed continuous integration) and improved security to help maintain data compliance and manage risk.

QSAN XCubeSAN XS1200 Series Review

The QSAN XCubeSAN XS1200 Series is a dual controller SAN designed to meet the needs of SMBs and ROBO. Supporting both Fibre Channel and iSCSI, the XS1200 can handle the requisite workloads. QSAN offers a wide variety of features in the array via SANOS 4.0 highlighted by thin provisioning, SSD read/write cache, tiering, snapshots, local volume clones and remote replication. Internally, the controllers are powered by Intel D1500 two-core CPUs and 4GB of DDR4 memory. For those who need to scale up, QSAN offers the XD5300 expansion unit; the XS1200 can support up to 286 drives in total.

News Bits: Trilio, MariaDB, Alibaba, Pure Storage, SAP, Riverbed, & Zscaler

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content not the impact they have. Trilio announces $5 Million Series A Funding. MariaDB completes Series C Funding led by Alibaba. Pure Storage announces new Copy Automation Tool for SAP systems. Riverbed and Zscaler announce integration on cloud security platform.

Fujitsu & NetApp Launch NFLEX, Converged Infrastructure Solution

Today Fujitsu Limited and NetApp announced their new joint solution aimed at simplifying the implementation and operation of virtual environments, NFLEX Converged Infrastructure. NFLEX is the combination of 20 years of expertise, delivered ready to run, and includes modular sizing, preconfigured expansion packs, single-call support, and integrated management. Both companies state that the above features will be able to reduce operational expenses and accelerate positive business outcomes.

VMware To Acquire VeloCloud Networks

Today VMware Inc. announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire VeloCloud Networks, Inc. The acquisition will strengthen VMware’s network virtualization platform, VMware NSX, while also expanding its networking portfolio to address end-to-end automation, application continuity, branch transformation and security from data center to cloud to edge. The acquisition will also put VMware on better footing as it helps its customers with their digital transformations, especially in regards to the software-defined future.

Riverbed Releases Its Latest Version Of SteelCentral

Today Riverbed announced the latest version of its digital experience management (DEM) platform, SteelCentral. The latest version is all about helping to ensure that organizations digital services have the performance they need while optimizing the experience of users. Regardless of where the components of the service reside (on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of both), the latest version of SteelCentral will enhance customers’ ability to manage and troubleshoot the entire digital experience chain.

Premio Announces Support For AMD EPYC CPUs

Today Premio announced that its next line of server and storage solutions would support AMD’s EPYC Series Processors, codenamed Naples. This support will offer Premio customers even more options for their storage solutions for big data applications and innovative IT trends such as artificial intelligence, high performance computing and software defined storage.

Microsemi Introduces Smart HBAs & RAID Adapters

Today Microsemi Corporation announced the production of its new Smart Storage SAS/SATA adapters for data centers. The new portfolio, which includes the Microsemi Adaptec HBA 1100 family, SmartHBA 2100 family and SmartRAID 3100 family, is based on the company’s latest 28nm SmartIOC 2100 and SmartROC 3100 storage controller integrated circuits (ICs). These new adapters aim to deliver high performance, low power, reliability and feature-rich solutions tailored to a variety of server storage applications, including software-defined storage (SDS), cold storage and enterprise applications.

Micro Focus Announces GA Of Its Service Management Automation-X

Today Micro Focus announced what it refers to as the industry’s first, container-based, multi-tenet, service management solution, Service Management Automation-X (SMA-X). The new solution is all about simplifying end user experience while at the same time driving down operation costs through the use of advanced analytics. SMA-X is available for deployment on premise virtualized, on bare metal, or on public cloud infrastructure.