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Toshiba MQ04 1TB Thin Client HDD Announced

Toshiba has announced the new MQ04 Series 1TB HDD, a thin client drive designed for notebook PCs, gaming systems, all-in-one slim-line desktop systems, set-top box appliances, and other use cases that require high-capacity and durable storage.

HP Announces Next Generation of Performance-Driven Z Workstations

HP has announced the company’s most powerful workstation to date, the HP Z8 G4, as well as other models from the newly refreshed Z line. Designed for professionals such as product designers, architects, digital creators, scientists and educators, the HP Z8, Z6 and Z4 G4 desktop workstations offer advanced security and an innovative design. They are also built to be future-proof so they can support the fast growing fields of virtual reality, machine learning and advanced design.

VMware Announces Major Updates to its Cloud Provider Program

VMware has announced updates to its Cloud Provider Program today at VMworld 2017 in Barcelona; including the new VMware Cloud Provider Platform, which offers rapid deployment and scale up an environment to build value-added differentiated services; advancements to its cloud management platform to help customers deploy, operate and manage IT infrastructure and application services across a multi-cloud landscape; and the newest release of vSphere Integrated Containers v1.2, delivering new capabilities including provisioning native Docker Container Hosts.

Dell EMC DSS 9000 Rack Scale Infrastructure Announced

Dell EMC has announced the DSS 9000, an open and agile rack scale infrastructure designed to aid carriers and service providers in accelerating the adoption of software-defined data centers and cloud computing initiatives. The DSS 9000 offers organizations compute, storage, networking, power, cooling and open management in a pre-integrated rack with up to 96 nodes--as well as various Intel Xeon processors--to allow for unique builds based on customer needs. Dell EMC claims also that the DSS 9000 will promote a future of composable infrastructure, provisioning and managing at the rack level--and across the entire infrastructure--with a single interface.

Lenovo Announces ThinkStation P920 and P720 Desktop Workstations

Lenovo has announced the latest models of the ThinkStation P920 and P720 desktop workstations, which feature the latest NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics (including the P920’s support of 3x GP100 or P6000 cards) and Intel Xeon processors (up to 3.6GHz), increased 6-channel memory to support the heaviest computational needs, faster memory speeds, support for up to 28 cores per CPU, and full-blown RAID support for NVMe drives.

HP ZBook 15 G4 Review

HP is back with a series of new impressive-looking workstations. Among these releases is the ZBook 15 G4, marketed as a high-performance mobile workstation for professionals on the go. Not only can it be equipped with 7th generation Intel Core i7 CPUs, users can now leverage the massively powerful Xeon processor for the ultimate performance build. In addition, the ZBook 15 provides a new range of heavy-duty professional graphics from the new NVIDIA Quadro and AMD Radeon Pro graphics lines, while also offering a less expensive integrated GPU option. The HP ZBook 15 G4 can also be expanded up to 64GB of standard or ECC 2400 MHz memory and 3TB of NVMe PCIe SSD storage via multiple M.2 HP Z Turbo Drives.

Dell Announces Container Storage Interface Support for REX-Ray v0.10

Dell Technologies has announced that the newest version of its REX-Ray technology, the company’s open source container orchestration engine created by open source organization {code}, has marked a new breakthrough: version 0.10 offers the first-ever plugins enabled by the Container Storage Interface (CSI) that implement a pre-release of the CSI 0.1 specification. Dell indicates this means major cloud providers and software-based platforms are now immediately interoperable through CSI. Dell adds that REX-Ray is the first CSI plugin implementation acting as an early validation of the CSI specification, which will likely aid in mainstream industry adoption and container orchestrator implementations.

Huawei Releases Atlas, Its Intelligent Cloud Hardware Platform

At Huawei Connect 2017, the company released its new-generation intelligent cloud hardware platform, Atlas. Atlas follows along with several other key cloud products announced at the event. Along with new cloud products, Huawei is heavily investing in a strategy that will aide companies that are currently in the process of their own digital transformation.

Mesosphere Launches Kubernetes Beta On DC/OS 1.10

Today Mesosphere launched a beta of Kubernetes on its DC/OS. This beta will provide customers with a platform for running both stateless and stateful services with a common set of security, maintenance, and management tools. The company is also releasing the latest version of DC/OS, version 1.10. This version adds capabilities making it more secure, resilient, and a high-performance platform to power containerized applications and data services.

Huawei Debuts Its Enterprise Intelligence Solution

At Huawei Connect 2017 in Shanghai, Huawei unveiled its new solution for enterprise markets, the Enterprise Intelligence (EI) solution. EI will consists of three types of intelligent cloud services as well as a heterogeneous computing platform. The main thrust behind EI is moving past the digital transformation and begin gaining value from it.