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NetApp AFF A200 VMmark 3 Results Published

At the time of our initial NetApp AFF A200 review publishing, we were in the the process of finalizing our VMmark 3 test process and working through our first submission. We've since streamlined the VMmark 3 submission process and our audited submissions are approved at a regular pace. The recent approvals include the results from the NetApp AFF A200. What makes these results particularly interesting is that we have data with both data reduction services enabled and disabled. For most arrays enabling these services kneecaps performance; not so with the A200.

E8 Storage Launches A Software Only Product

E8 Storage announced today that it is now offering a software only product, E8 Storage Software. This new product is the same software the company is using on its high-performance, high-availability shared NVMe storage solutions. Offering a software only product gives users more choice on the hardware to use (on pre-qualified servers such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo) and potentially broadens E8’s customer base.

Dell Updates its Wyse Thin Clint Software & Management Suite

Today Dell announced that it was updating its thin client software with an eye for easing setup, management, and the ability to scale VDI solutions. The updates include the latest version of the operating system for Wyse thin clients, ThinOS 8.5, and an update to Wyse Management Suite, version 1.1. Dell is also announcing two new solutions, the Wyse Converter for PCs and Wyse Easy Setup.

Portworx Release Its Open Source Kubernetes Scheduler Extender, STORK

Today Portworx released its new STorage Orchestrator Runtime for Kubernetes or STORK. According to the company, this new open-source project that takes advantage of the extensibility of Kubernetes to allow DevOps teams to run stateful applications like databases, queues and key-value stores more efficiently on Kubernetes. STORK provides key hyperconvergence, failure-domain awareness, storage health monitoring, and snapshot features for Kubernetes while being delivering through a plugin interface enabling it tow work with any storage driver for Kubernetes.

Arcserve Releases Its UDP Cloud Direct DRaaS

Arcserve announced the release of what it is referring to as the first solution to cost-effectively deliver near-zero cloud recovery points with consumer-grade simplicity, Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct DRaaS. The company saw a market gap and the need for less downtime and capitalized on it. The new DRaaS and BaaS solution is available though UDP Cloud Direct.

Samsung Introduces 800GB Z-SSD

Today Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. launched a 800GB version of its Z-SSD, SZ985. This new drive is aimed at use cases such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, high performance computing (HPC), and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The new 800GB, as well as the 240GB version, of the Z-SSD will be introduced at ISSCC 2018 in February 11-15 in San Francisco.

Seagate Reports 2Q18 Earnings

Today Seagate Technology reported its financial results for the quarter ended December 29, 2017. Overall the numbers are looking good, continuing on the path we saw in the last earnings report. For the quarter, Seagate has seen its stock climb slowly but steadily to a high it hasn’t seen since 2015.

QNAP's vQTS Now Available For TS-x77 NAS Series

QNAP has announced the immediate availability of their new vQTS virtualization technology, which allows users to run multiple virtual QTS operating systems on a QNAP NAS. vQTS is based on Virtualization Station and offers benefits for resource segregation, multi-tenant environments, and flexible application deployment coupled with savings on energy, costs and physical space. At this time, vQTS is only available for the AMD Ryzen-powered TS-x77 NAS series.

News Bits: RAIDIX, Kaminario, Violin, Morro Data, Wasabi, Virtual Instruments, E8, SK Hynix, & Accelerite

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. RAIDIX releases version 4.6. Kaminario transitions to a software model. Violin expands its customers and partners and announces new patent. Morro Data and Wasabi partner to deliver cloud storage with NAS performance. Virtual Instruments expands its channel partner program. E8 Storage sets record-breaking benchmark. SK Hynix reports record revenue and profits. Accelerite announces general availability of Rovius Cloud Appliance.

Fujitsu Announces New All-Flash & Hybrid ETERNUS Systems

Fujitsu America, Inc. announced two new version of its ETERNUS Storage systems, a new all-flash model, ETERNUS AF S2, and a new hybrid version, the ETERNUS DX S4. The new all-flash model is aimed at organizations that need to maximize performance for digital business growth, continuity and efficiency. The hybrid model is aimed more that the midrange that need a good balance between performance and cost.