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Lenovo Announces New VX Series HCI Building Blocks

Lenovo has launched three new ThinkAgile VX Series products, all of which are powered by VMware vSAN. Lenovo’s new hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) “building blocks” are primarily aimed at addressing concerns users have as they look to deploy HCI in their data centers. The three new models are aimed at large enterprise, medium business, and smaller remote office users.

Microsoft Unveils Windows ML With Intel Movidius VPU

Microsoft unveiled a new OS aimed at machine learning, Windows ML. Microsoft announced that it would be including an Intel Movidius Myriad X Vision Processing Units (VPU) for Windows ML hardware. This can help accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) workloads at the edge.

Intel Optane 800P NVMe SSD Review

The Optane 800P is Intel’s latest storage product for end users. This new M.2 NVMe SSD is equipped with 3D XPoint memory and storage controllers and is designed for fast application loading, RAID configurations, and fast boot for mobile and desktop platforms. In this new SSD release, Intel has put its toe in the water with Optane Memory technology again, which is designed to accelerate slow storage and deliver faster responsiveness.

Supermicro Announces New 25G Ethernet Technology

Today Super Micro Computer, Inc. announced new 25G Ethernet Networking technology that will help the industry that is rapidly transitioning to higher network speeds. Supermicro is announcing new NICs and top of the rack (ToR) switches as well as a new switch with its X11 SuperBlade. These new products help set companies up on the path to 100G.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Bare Metal Instances Review

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure includes a wide variety of service offerings including compute, storage, networking, database, and load balancing--in effect, all the infrastructure necessary to construct a cloud-based data center. In the context of this review, we're interested in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute category, with a very specific focus on their bare metal instances. Like most cloud providers, Oracle offers virtualized compute instances, but unlike most other virtual offerings, Oracle can back these with shapes that contain up to ~25TB of NVMe storage for applications that need low latency. As great as those are, Oracle has further upped the ante for cloud compute performance by offering the industry's first high-performance bare metal instances, ideal for mission-critical applications where latency is paramount. Instances come with up to 52 OCPUs, 768GB RAM, dual 25GbE NICs and up to 51TB of locally attached NVMe storage. For those that desire more, up to 512TB of network-attached NVMe block storage is available as well as GPU options. All the different Oracle compute offerings run on a highly-optimized software-defined network tuned to minimize contention and maximize performance.

Dell EMC Expands Its HCI Portfolio With XC Core

Dell EMC announced that it was expanding its hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) portfolio, specifically its XC line, with the introduction of the XC Core. Unlike the rest of the XC line, the XC Series and Xpress appliances, the XC Core leverages Dell EMC hardware and integration software but the core software is licensed and supported directly by Nutanix. The XC Core will still be supported by Dell EMC ProSupport.

VMware Expands Its Cloud Services

Today VMware, Inc. announced that it has expanded its portfolio of cloud services to better serve all the needs of its customers. The company is also announcing that VMware Cloud on AWS is expanding to Europe. And VMware is expanding its partner programs for VMware cloud on AWS.

Veeam Management Pack v8 Update 5 Now Available

Veeam Management Pack (MP) v8 Update 5 is now available, which extends and adds new features from Update 4 of last year.  Highlights include a new built-in monitoring for Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows; morning coffee Dashboard for at-a-glance, real-time health status of your Veeam backup environments; monitoring for VMware Cloud on AWS; and additional VMware vSAN & vCenter Alarms.

Veritas Unveils Two New Appliances For Healthcare

Today Veritas Technologies unveiled two new appliances that are specifically aimed at protecting healthcare data. The company states that this new technology enables software-defined storage approach to data management from on-premises to the multi-cloud for the backup and recovery of healthcare data. These new turnkey appliances include the Veritas Flex Appliance and Veritas Access Appliance.

News Bits: Scality, Cloudistics, Cloudian, Cisco, NAKIVO, INFINIDAT, AMD, & Citrix

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. Scality reports a great 2017. Cloudistics launched its Application Marketplace. Cloudian raises over $120 million with Digital Alpha. Cisco launches 5G Now portfolio. NAKIVO previews its Backup & Replication v7.4. INFINIDAT launches community. AMD’s MxGPU is now available on Citrix XenServer 7.4.