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Kingston DataTraveler 5000 Secure USB Drives Announced

Kingston has announced the DataTraveler 5000, a line of FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified (Level 3 pending) secure USB drives. Features include 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption, XTS cipher mode and elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) algorithms to meet Suite B US government standards.  

LSI, Seagate Partner to Enter PCIe Enterprise SSD Market

LSI corporation and Seagate today announced they will be collaborating to enter the PCIe-based enterprise Solid State Disk (SSD) market. LSI's SAS and PCIe technology will be integrated with Seagate's SSD products to produce solutions for data center and cloud computing environments.

Active Media Products Adds 128GB ZIF SSD to SaberTooth ZX Line

Active Media Products has announced a 128GB SSD to their SaberTooth ZX line of 1.8" PATA ZIF SSDs. The tiny SSD format is designed for ultra-portable notebooks, netbooks and the like that use the ZIF connector. The new 128GB drive joins their 32GB and 64GB models and features sequential read speeds up to 80MB/s and sequential write speeds up to 38MB/s

Hardware-Based Encryption - The Better Way to Secure USB Drives

USB flash drives have proliferated wildly. I have one on my keychain; it's the fourth one I've owned. You can get a respectable 8GB of storage in a small portable form for under $20 now. That's a heck of a lot of data you can carry around. But what happens if it falls into someone else's hands? 

Thousands of USB Flash Drives Go Through Dry Cleaners

4,500 memory sticks were accidentally left in people's pockets at the dry cleaners last year according to a UK survey. Forgotten memory keys could cost companies up to £500k this year because of new powers given to the Information Commissioner's office, which can now fine companies who have not provided sufficient protection for customer data.

Super Talent Announces Enterprise SSDs

Super Talent today announced its TeraDrive FT2 series Solid State Disks (SSDs) designed for high-end enterprise and database server applications. They are based on the SandForce SSD processor which provides up to 250MB/s read and write speeds.

IBM Sets New Record for Magnetic Tape Data Density

IBM Research today set a new record in areal data density on linear magnetic tape. IBM Research in cooperation with FUJIFILM recorded data onto an advanced prototype tape at a density of 29.5 billion bits per square inch, or 39 times greater than what industry standard magnetic tapes do today.

Synology Announces Two New DiskStation NAS Solutions for Home, Business

Synology today announced two new DiskStation NAS solutions for home and business users. The DiskStation DS1010+ is a five-bay business NAS with a claimed 250% faster write speed than its predecessor, and the DS110j is an entry-level single-disk NAS for home users.

External Hard Drive Disguised as VHS Tape with Cover

How much of a nerd are you? Your interest in this device may help finally answer that question. An external hard drive in the form of a VHS tape with matching cover (Top Gun, Star Wars, Star Trek, and so on) with up to 640GB of storage is available on

Viking Modular Solutions Announces Enterprise and Consumer SSDs

Viking Modular Solutions has started sampling their new line of SSDs. The 2.5" drives will be available in both a consumer line (SATA 3GB/s) and enterprise versions (SAS 6Gb/s).