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Viking Modular Shows Off 1.4M IOPs in 1U SATADIMM SSD Equipped Server [SNW Spring 2011]

Today on the SNW Spring 2011 show floor, Viking Modular showed off their SATADIMM-equipped 1U SuperMicro server capable of up to 1.4 million IOPs. Decked out with 8 480GB standard 2.5-inch SSDs plus 16 480GB SATADIMM SSDs, the server offers up to 11.5TB of speedy storage. The main purpose of this demonstration is to show off how Viking Modular can make use of under-utilized space in a sever environment with the unique SATADIMM form-factor that has a footprint 75% smaller than a standard 2.5" SSD.

New Synology 2U Rack-Mount NAS Holds Up to 66TB

 Synology's latest rack-mount NAS is the RS2211RP+ with 10 drive bays - it can be paired with the companion RX1211RP for a total of 22 drives. It will be available mid-April for $3,000.

Seagate Ships GoFlex Slim Portable Hard Drive

Seagate has announced its new GoFlex Slim portable external hard drive measuring 9mm thin, or one-third thinner than the company's current GoFlex drives. The 2.5-inch drive has USB 3.0 and is available in a 320GB capacity for $99.99.

IP-Video Meets Network-Storage with AXIS-Enabled Iomega StorCenter

Iomega has announced a partnership with AXIS-Communications to bring video hosting to the StorCenter-line of NAS models. The AXIS Video Hosting System or AVHS for short, allows small and medium-sized businesses to store HD-quality recorded video locally and stream backups to a remote secure site simultaneously. This line of products is targeted at the security and surveillance market offering a modern replacemant for older analog-based recording systems.

Marvell Launches New DragonFly Virtual Storage Accelerator [SNW Spring 2011]

Today Marvell launched the DragonFly Virtual Storage Accelerator, a PCI-Express network caching interface to help increase server I/O traffic and improve scalability of virtual servers. By caching I/O traffic server side, it improves disk read and write performance at the server and reduces load at the SAN, without requiring business to fork out for much higher priced equipment to reduce bottlenecks. Aimed to leverage Marvell's in-house silicon expertise, the DragonFly combines NVRAM and SSDs to cache frequently-used data locally.

G.Skill Announces New Phoenix EVO 25nm SSD

Today G.Skill announced the new Phoenix EVO SSD, powered by the SandForce SF-1222 controller, with new 25nm flash. Just like we have seen from Corsair with the F115-A, the EVO sports a lower capacity of 115GB, which accounts for the increased over-provisioning which 25nm NAND requires. G.Skill lists 280MB/s read and 270MB/s write, which is slightly lower peak transfer speeds than the 34nm Phoenix Pro SSD (285/275).

New QNAP NAS Servers Features Atom Processors, USB 3.0

QNAP Systems has expanded its current business Turbo NAS servers to include the new TS-x59 Pro II series. The models feature Intel Atom D525 dual-core processors, USB 3.0, and support for SATA 6Gb/s drives.

Ford Uses Cloud Storage to Power Focus Electric Vehicle

Ford Motors has announced owners of its upcoming electric vehicles, including the Focus Electric, will have the ability to remotely manage some aspects of their vehicles over the AT&T wireless network.

Diskeeper 2011 Now Available, Includes SSD Optimizer

Diskeeper Corporation has just introduced its 2011 product. New features include an Instant Defrag technology that eliminates small fragments on the fly and HyperFast, a solid state disk (SSD) optimizer.

Iomega Intros ScreenPlay DX Home Media Center Products

Iomega has introduced its ScreenPlay DX line of home multimedia products in 1TB and 2TB models as well as a storage-less version. The product features a QWERTY remote control and supports 1080p video playback in a variety of formats.