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Plextor PX-M2 SSDs Announced [CES 2011]

Plextor has announced their second generation SSD at CES. The Plextor PX-M2 series of SSDs features a SATA 6Gb/s interface and uses the Marvell 9174 processor to deliver top line read speeds of 400MB/s and write speeds of 300MB/s in the highest capacity 256GB model (PX-256M2S). 

WD Scorpio Black 750GB (WD7500BPKT) Hard Drive Shipping [CES 2011]

Just a few months after we reviewed and enjoyed the Scorpio Black 500GB notebook hard drive, Western Digital has announced it's shipping the 750GB model for those looking for a blend of capacity and high performance. The 2.5" drive features 7200 RPM spin speed, 16MB cache and leverages Advanced Format technology. 

Patriot Announces Javelin S4 Media Server [CES 2011]

Patriot Memory announced its new Javelin Media Server for digital media storage. It features four 3.5-inch drive bays for up to 12TB of storage capacity and supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, and hot-spare.

Kingston to Pair with SandForce for HyperX SSDs [CES 2011]

Just when you thought SandForce had all the licensees they needed, along comes a yet unannounced deal with Kingston.  We found out tonight that Kingston will be using a SandForce processor, though it's not thought to be the SF-1200, in a line of SSDs most likely due mid-year. The Kingston HyperX SSD family as it will be called is going to be targeted at the enthusiast market, while their current line of SSDs branded SSDNow will continue to be available


Eurocom Panther Notebook Offers Up to 3.25TB of Storage

Eurocom has announced its Panther 2.0 notebook featuring up to 3.25TB of storage via four internal drive bays. The company offers mechanical HDDs, hybrid HDDs, and SSDs as upgrade options in this 11.66 lb machine.

OCZ Showcases New Consumer and Enterprise SSDs [CES 2011]

OCZ announced a number of new consumer and enterprise products at CES 2011 in Las Vegas. The products announced include next-gen enterprise class SATA, SAS, Fibre Channel, and PCIe SSDs plus the Vertex 3 Pro consumer SSD with up to 550MB/s transfer rates.

Toshiba Working on 2.5" Hybrid Hard Drive [CES 2011]

In a stop by the Toshiba booth today at CES, we were told by a company rep that Toshiba is on it's way to releasing a hybrid drive some time this year. While our press contacts aren't ready to confirm or deny any of this, the rep at the booth did say it's a 1TB hybrid hard drive with on-board NAND to cache repetitive file requests similar to the way the Seagate Momentus XT works.

Buffalo CloudStor Two-Bay NAS Announced [CES 2011]

Buffalo Technology has released the CloudStor two-bay storage unit. While it's easy to call it a NAS, Buffalo prefers to call the Pogoplug-powered solution a personal cloud storage unit. Talking with Buffalo representatives, they're most excited about the easy configuration and setup, which is key for a device of this nature. It's nearly plug and play, and Buffalo has a series of apps to make it easy to access your data, photos and so on via the CloudStor via almost any device. 

Victorinox Launches Swiss Army Knives with SSD and Flash Drives [CES 2011]

Victorinox Swiss Army has launched several new series of pocket knives with USB flash drives embedded - the Victorinox Slim, Victorinox Slim Duo and Victorinox Secure SSD. The drives are both stylish and functional; they come in several different color shells which protect the drives.

Corsair Launches Marvell 9174-Based SSDs [CES 2011]

We're live from the Corsair press event at CES and Corsair has dropped a bit of a bomb. While they're not abandoning SandForce processors, they are expanding their SSD options with the Marvell 9174 SATA 6Gb/s processor.