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Western Digital VelociRaptors in RAID - SSD Alternative?

Last week Western Digital released the new 600GB VelociRaptor, which just like its predecessor, took the spot of fastest consumer hard disk drive. With the single hard drive not being able to keep up with average SSDs, we decided to take a look at multidrive performance. In this review we see how well the Western Digital VelociRaptor 600GB performs in RAID 0 and RAID 1 configurations using the 6Gb/s LSI MegaRAID 9260-8i controller card. The results are impressive.

Hitachi Releases G-Technology G-SPEED Q and G-SPEED FC XL

G-Technology by Hitachi has introduced two new high-speed storage solutions: The G-SPEED Q with FireWire, eSATA, and USB, and the G-SPEED FC XL 8Gb with a next-gen dual Fibre Channel connection.

Texas Memory Systems RamSan-630 Released

Texas Memory Systems has announced the RamSan-630, an SLC Flash-based network storage device. The RamSan-630 supports up to 10TB of SSD storage in a 3U rack-mountable case, and sports a flashy 500,000 IOPS. Up to 10 Fibre Channel links allow 4-GB/s of aggregated bandwidth.

Super Talent VSSD Series Announced

Super Talent has launched a new value-line family of solid state drives. The Super Talent VSSD ranges from an ultra-low-capacity of 8GB, up to 64GB. The 64GB VSSD offers 150MB/s read and 100MB/s write speeds, with performance stepping down with capacity. 

OCZ Vertex 2 and Agility 2 SSDs Announced

OCZ has announced the Vertex 2 and Agility 2 SSDs. Both solid state drives are geared toward the enthusiast market. The OCZ Vertex 2 posts 285MB/s read speeds and 275MB/s writes with 4KB random writes up to 50,000 IOPS. The Agility 2 offers the same read/write speeds with 4KB random writes up to 10,000 IOPS.

Samsung Spinpoint MP4 Announced - 640GB 7200RPM Notebook Hard Drive

Samsung today introduced the highest-capacity 7200RPM hard drive for notebooks, the Spinpoint MP4. It is available with 250GB to 640GB of capacity and will be available to OEMs this month.

OCZ Intros 4th-Gen PCI-Express SSD

OCZ Technology today introduced its fourth-generation PCI-e SSD, the Z-Drive R2. Availabile in capacities from 256GB - 2TB and featuring user-replaceable memory chips, it boasts read and write speeds up to 1,400MB/s.

Drobo FS 5-Bay NAS Released

Data Robotics has released the Drobo FS, a 5-bay NAS unit designed for home use and small businesses. The system is easy to manage and leverages BeyondRAID technology to let users easily add non-matching disks, create new volumes quickly and manage redundancy options. 

Lexar JumpDrive Retrax Review (16GB)

The Lexar JumpDrive Retrax USB thumb drive was introduced to offer an affordable, stylish, and capless thumb drive.  The USB jack can be fully retracted inside the body of the drive, protecting the connection from damage.

Western Digital Shipping 750GB Scorpio Blue Notebook Drive (WD7500BPVT)

While Toshiba just announced their 750GB mainstream notebook drive, Western Digital has seen fit to actually start shipping theirs. The 750GB Scorpio Blue is a standard size 2.5" notebook hard drive featuring 375GB per platter areal density and Advanced Format technology.