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NetApp HCI Hits General Availability

NetApp has announced that its HCI solution has hit GA. Announced back in June, NetApp HCI is trying to build on the success of the hyperconvergence movement, while addressing many of the core concerns. Chief amongst those is flexibility in scaling. While many HCI solutions scale with nodes that include compute and storage, NetApp HCI allows customers to add either storage nodes or compute nodes as needed. This provides more flexibility as application requirements change over time. 

News Bits: Cisco, Commvault, Scale Computing, WinMagic, Kaminario, Seagate, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content not the impact they have. Cisco enters into agreement to acquire Broadsoft. Commvault announces ScaleProtect with Cisco UCS. Scale Computing and WinMagic partner on HCI security. Kaminario enhances its Clarity platform. Seagate announces 4TB Game Drive for PS4. Paragon Software Group releases Hard Disk Manager Version 16. Spectra Logic announces certified LTO-8 Type M Media and LTO-8 Drives.

Intel Releases Optane 900P SSD Series

Today Intel launched its next phase of Optane based products with the release of the Optane 900P SSD Series. This series marks the second release of Optane technologies for consumer and the first that is more like a traditional SSD, the Optane Memory functioned more like a caching device. Intel will also be working with the developers of the MMORPG, Star Citizen, to include a free copy of the game and come DLC.

In the Lab: Migrating Workloads to VMware vSAN

For as much work as we've done around VMware vSAN in terms of site content and reviews, it may come as a surprise to some that we hadn't been using any vSAN in production. With the refresh of our lab servers complete (12x Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd), we decided to solve this problem by repurposing a handful of PowerEdge R730 servers and extra SSDs we had on hand. The result is a modest vSAN 6.6 configuration that we will use to host VMs needed for testing, in addition to serving as a platform for testing out and reporting on new vSAN features. This deployment though brings up an immediate question that vSAN buyers are often curious about: how do I migrate existing workloads to vSAN?

Cisco & Virtual Instruments Join On Networking Innovations

Today Cisco announced it is working with Virtual Instruments new technology innovations for next-generation storage networking that aim to help customers better analyze SAN operational performance and move to cost effective 32Gbps solutions that grow as digital business expands. The companies will be combining Virtual Instruments App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management platform, VirtualWisdom, with several Cisco products for deep fibre channel (FC) SAN performance monitoring.

Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS HDD 12TB Review

Seagate has expanded its Guardian Series of HDDs with even higher capacity version. On the NAS front, Seagate has taken both its IronWolf and IronWolf Pro and expanded the capacity up to 12TB per drive. The IronWolf Pro is designed specifically for use in NAS devices and is aimed toward creative professionals, SOHO, and SME markets. While both drives share many of the same features, the Pro version supports up to 16 drive bays, has a higher mean time between failures (1.2 million hours), has rotational vibration sensors on all capacities, and is better optimized for multi-users (300TB/year).

Seagate IronWolf Review (12TB)

As data requirements continue to rapidly grow, so does the cost of managing storage through devices such as NAS solutions. This puts organizations in a tight spot, as their budgets don’t necessarily correlate with this massive growth, which is why new high-capacity releases like Seagate IronWolf 12TB is so attractive: it helps to lower the total cost of ownership and gives organizations the ability to and stay within and better manage their budgets. The company has also released a Pro version of the drive, reviewed here.

IBM Advances Its All-Flash FlashSystem

Today IBM announced that it was making several changes to its all-flash storage solutions and software. These changes are aimed to both drive down costs and extend the solutions out to the cloud. Aside from support for cloud, IBM’s news advanced data center solutions also deliver support for containers and machine learning.

Dell Expands Its PCaaS Solution

Today Dell announced it was expanding its PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS) solution making it easier for companies to procure, deploy and manage PCs. Dell, with a partnership with VMware, also announced zero-touch Windows 10 Provisioning by VMware AirWatch service, as well as joint engineering initiatives to integrate VMware Workspace ONE, powered by AirWatch technology, with Dell Client Command Suite. The expanded PCaaS and partnership with VMware aim to simplify PC lifecycle management.

Seagate Reports 1Q18 Earnings

Today Seagate Technologies reported its earning for the first quarter of its 2018 financial year. While the past few earnings had been a bit of a disappointment for the company this time they seemed to beat estimates. After reporting their earning the company saw its stock jump as high as 15%, or as high as $40.53 this morning, the highest it has been since June.