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LSI Announces SAS6160 and SAS6161 SAS Switches

LSI has announced the industry’s first series of 6Gb/s SAS switches. Sampling now to OEM customers, the LSI SAS6160 and SAS6161 switches extend the capabilities of SAS in direct-attached storage (DAS) environments and let multiple servers connect to one or more independent external storage systems. 

Intel X25-V SSD Released

Random 4 KB Reads: up to 25,000 IOPSIntel has added to their market-leading SSD line with the Intel X25-V. The X25-V is a value-based SSD featuring 40GB of storage and a price tag of $125. The TRIM enabled drive features sequential read speed of 170MB/s and write speeds of 35MB/s. The Intel X25-V SSD is designed to be used with portable computing devices like netbooks or as a boot drive for desktop PCs.

The 4K Sector - Another Nail in XP's Coffin

Today’s hard drives are formatted using a 512 byte sector, however in the near future most hard drives will be switching to a more modern 4kb sector (that is eight times as large, for those bad at math). While the 4kb sector will allow manufacturers to produce larger and more reliable hard drives, it is yet another reminder that we should be moving away from Microsoft’s aging Windows XP operating system.

Dell PowerVault DL2100 Single-System Backup for SMBs Released

Dell has released a new backup solution for SMBs that is powered by Symantec Backup Exec 2010 which supports data backup and recovery with available deduplication technology. The single server design and included software makes it easy for businesses to back up their data. With a projected install start to finish time of 18 minutes, it's hard to argue the point. 

Kanguru Defender Elite Secure USB Drive Released

Kanguru has announced their latest USB drive, the Defender Elite. The drive is highlighted by security. a FIPS 140-2 rating and 256-bit AES hardware encryption, but it can also be managed remotely, a unique combination.

OCZ Onyx Value-Line SSD Released

OCZ has launched a new line of SSDs, the OCZ Onyx. The 2.5" SATA  II SSDs are designed to be affordable, while still offering a performance upgrade over traditional HDDs. The first SSD in the family is the Onyx 32GB, which has an MSRP of under $100.

Active Media Launches SaberTooth ZT 1.8" PATA ZIF SSDs

Anyone with an ultra-portable notebook, netbook or other tiny computer is largely left behind in the storage arena as not many companies make the 1.8" drives these devices take. Active Media however has an entire suite of 1.8" SSDs and has launched a new pair of 1.8" PATA ZIF SSDs. The drives comes in 32GB and 64GB capacities and feature read speeds of 100MB/s and write speeds of 85MB/s.  

QNAP Announces 4-Drive Rack-Mounted NAS Servers

QNAP has just launched their latest 1U rack-mounted NAS servers. Powered by Intel Atom D510 dual-core processors, the TS-459U-RP and -SP support up to 8TB of drive space, iSCSI, various RAID levels, and are VMware Ready Certified.

Intel Releases Atom Processor-Based Storage Platform

Intel today announced its storage-optimized Atom processor-based platform for home and small office storage markets. The platform includes the single-core Atom D410 and dual-core Atom D510 processors and Intel 82801IR I/O controller.

Corsair Launches Force Series SSDs

Corsair appears to be SSD happy of late, launching the new Force Series today, just weeks after launching the Reactor value-line and Nova mainstream-line SSDs. The new Force SSDs leverage a SandForce SF-1200 controller and feature 280MB/s read and 260MB/s write times placing these SSDs squarely in the performance category.