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Accelerite Releases ShareInsights 2.0

Today Accelerite announced the release of the latest version of its Big Data analytics software, ShareInsights 2.0. What sets this analytics software apart is its ability to unify the big data analytics stack which in turn enables data preparation (ETL), OLAP, visualization and collaboration through a single interface. Accelerite claims that these abilities can potentially allow analysts to perform data preparation, analysis and visualization of millions of rows and terabytes of data in minutes. Also being announced today is Insight2Action, which is an automated process that drives specific actions from insights.

News Bits: Dell EMC, Virtual Instruments, Apple, Boomi, WekaIO, SwiftStack, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. Virtual Instruments announces the newest version of VirtualWisdom. Druva announces record bookings and annual recurring revenue performance. Dell Boomi Gets an Update. SwiftStack 6 is now available. Dell EMC introduces new Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program. Cavium announces a new partnership with IBM. WekaIO Version 3.1 is now available. Compuverde announces the availability of Hybrid Cloud v1.0.

KubeCon Austin News Bits

Our News Bits is a roundup that typically covers news pieces that are just small in content, not in impact. This gives content room to breath even if it comes in less than what we normally cover. At KubeCon in Austin, Texas, where StorageReview was onsite, there were several announcements that either small or would potentially get wiped out by some of the larger announcements so we have collected them here. Announcements come from companies such as Tigera, DriveScale, Pivatol, Oracle, and CoreOS.

Kasten Comes Out Of Stealth With Its K10 Platform For Stateful Containers

At KubeCon in Austin, TX, the cloud-native data management company, Kasten, came out of stealth and announced the release of its K10 platform. This new platform uses a novel application-centric approach to enable enterprises to meet business continuity and compliance requirements around stateful container based applications running at scale on public and private Kubernetes deployments. Aside from K10, the company also announced its open source project that is an extensible framework for application-level data management, Kanister.

Toshiba Launches The Industry’s First 14TB CMR HDD

Today Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation launched the world’s first enterprise 14TB Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) HDD, the MG07ACA Series. In order to cram that much storage in the same standard 3.5” space, Toshiba is using helium and 9-disk design. This new drive will deliver the capacity and power-efficiency that customers such as cloud-scale and enterprise storage need while helping them hit their TCO objectives.

{code} Announces New Updates For CSI

At KubeCon in Austin, Texas, {code} (a Dell Technologies company) announced updates for the Container Storage Interface (CSI). Code is announcing new CSI drivers for Dell EMC ScaleIO and vSphere. This will bring CSI support to key on-premises platforms.

VMware Cloud Foundation 2.3 Announced

VMware has announced the latest release of its integrated hybrid cloud platform, VMware Cloud Foundation 2.3, which introduces cloud management platform capabilities for customers looking to build a hybrid cloud based on consistent infrastructure and operations. The newest version of the VMware platform delivers management and provisioning of compute, network, storage and application services at scale across hybrid cloud environments via integrations with VMware vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight.

Cloudian Announces GA Of HyperFile

Today Cloudian announced the availability of its integrated NAS Controller that delivers SMB/NFS file services from on-premises Cloudian HyperStore object storage systems, Cloudian HyperFile. According to the company, HyperFile is the first object-storage system to include all the features essential to enterprise network attached storage (NAS) customers, thus opening the door for deployment in mission-critical, capacity-intensive applications that employ file data. Cloudian goes on to claim that customers can see TCO as high as 70% and “limitless scalability” versus using a traditional NAS system.

Datrium Cloud DVX Announced

Datrium has announced Datrium Cloud DVX, a cloud-native instance of DVX that offers recovery services for VMs running in DVX on premises. Cloud DVX is highlighted by global cloud deduplication functionality and offers a simple and efficient VM and vDisk level backup and recovery, which is available within a converged or hyperconverged infrastructure system.

Dell EMC Announces A Rugged Version Of its 14G PowerEdge Servers

Recently Dell EMC has made much ado about its recent 14G PowerEdge line of servers. The new servers bring new levels of performance and flexibility and now they are making up the backbone of several of Dell EMC’s product lines, such as it HCI line. Now Dell EMC OEM Solutions is releasing a rugged version of the 14G PowerEdge Servers with the PowerEdge XR2.