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HGST Ultrastar SS200 (Mixed Workloads) Review

With high capacity (up to 7.68TB for the read-intensive version) the HGST Ultrastar SS200 SSDs are aimed at the enterprise looking to expand its flash footprint or go all-flash. Not just sporting a high capacity, the drives are also able to hit up to 1.8GB/s in sequential read and up to 250K IOPS in random read. The drive was released in two flavors, though the name is the same SS200, a mixed workload and a read-intensive version.

HGST Ultrastar SS200 (Read-Intensive Workloads) Review

At the very tail end of last year, HGST released a slew of new drives for its investor day. One of the drives announced was the Ultrastar SS200. The SS200 is an 2.5” SAS SSD aimed at enterprise. The drives are all about capacity (with the upper capacity being 7.68TB) and performance. HGST states that the drives are able to hit up to 250K IOPS read and 86K IOPS write (for the read intensive drive) for a random 70/30 4KiB test. There are two types of drives in the family, though they all have the same moniker, an endurance or write optimized and a capacity or mixed workloads optimized.

Netgear Insight Review

The NETGEAR Insight ecosystem was developed for organizations at the SMB/ROBO level to make discovering, configuring, monitoring and managing Wi-Fi access points, switches and storage devices much easier than before. This is a very important release from Netgear, as simple and efficient remote access to network devices is more important than ever. The new Insight solution certainly offers this type of functionality through its single-pane-of-glass view mobile app. With this simple yet intuitive interface, Insight users can connect to Netgear networking products for remote monitoring and management.

HPE Announces New InfoSight Leveraging AI

Today Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced what it is referring to as the industry’s first artificial intelligence (AI) recommendation engine designed to eliminate the guesswork in managing infrastructure and improve application reliability. These new machine learning and AI capabilities will be in HPE’s latest version of InfoSight, which, according to HPE, can pave the way for an autonomous data center. HPE is also releasing a version of InfoSight for 3PAR bringing the reach of InfoSight across the company’s entire portfolio.

News Bits: Mesosphere, Panzura, Docker, Cisco, DDN, TYAN, Enmotus, Micron, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content not the impact they have. Mesosphere reports that it tripled revenue. Mesosphere reports that it tripled its revenue. Panzura integrate Docker into its Freedom line. Cisco invests $1 billion in smart cities. DDN announces new HPC solutions. TYAN accelerates adoption of NVDIMMS & GPUs for storage. Enmotus and Micron showcase NVDIMM tier of storage. Scality and HPE integrate for object storage. Excelero’s NVMesh gets deployed at Canada’s largest supercomputer. Panzura integrates with Frame.

SonicWall SonicWave Wireless Security Series Review

At the end of September, SonicWall released several new security products including the recently reviewed SonicWall Network Security Appliance (NSA) 2650 firewall. As a complement to the core firewalls, SonicWall also updated its wireless access points. The new SonicWave family supports the 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless standard, includes eight antennas, and features 4x4 MU-MIMO technology to deliver maximum Wi-Fi performance, range and reliability. When the SonicWave units are paired with a SonicWall firewall with 2.5Gb/s native ports, the combination creates an uncompromising solution that delivers fast connectivity that is fully secured from network-based threats.

QNAP TS-253B NAS Review

The QNAP TS-253B is the company’s latest 2-bay NAS solution to hit the market. Completely redesigned with a slick new build, the TS-253B features a PCIe port that can be equipped with a QNAP QM2 expansion card that supports dual M.2 SSDs and 10GbE connectivity, compatible wireless cards to turn the NAS into a wireless access point, and a USB 3.1 10Gbps card for faster backup transfer speeds to and from multiple external storage devices. The TS-253B also comes equipped with a USB Type-C QuickAccess port and a SD card slot, and supports 4K (30Hz) video playback with real-time transcoding.

NetApp Reports 2Q18 Earnings

NetApp announced its earnings for the second fiscal quarter of 2018 that ended October 27, 2017. Overall the company reported very strong numbers across the board. After the release of earnings the company saw a big uptick in their stock price going as high as 53.82.

Cisco Announces 1Q18 Earnings

Today Cisco announced its first quarter earning for the fiscal year 2018 for the period ended October 28, 2017. The numbers are down a bit from this time last year but still looking fairly good in general. Cisco’s stock, which has been gradually climbing through this quarter, saw an uptick in after hour trading as soon as the earnings hit the wire.

Netstor Releases Portable NVMe Drive

Today Netstor Technology released a new portable NVMe flash device with Thunderbolt 3 USB-C interface, the NA611TB3. The NA611TB3 can house two M.2 NVMe such as the Samsung 960 EVO and be configured in either RAID1 or RAID0. Netstor states that users can see performance up to 2.75GB/s, depending on the M.2 drives chosen.