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Fujitsu Announces New All-Flash & Hybrid ETERNUS Systems

Fujitsu America, Inc. announced two new version of its ETERNUS Storage systems, a new all-flash model, ETERNUS AF S2, and a new hybrid version, the ETERNUS DX S4. The new all-flash model is aimed at organizations that need to maximize performance for digital business growth, continuity and efficiency. The hybrid model is aimed more that the midrange that need a good balance between performance and cost.

Cisco Updates It HyperFlex Accelerating Multicloud Adoption

This morning Cisco announced new platform innovations and software updates for its HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), HX 3.0. The newly updated software is said to deliver higher performance as well as greater simplicity for “any application, on any cloud, and at any scale.” This would make HyperFlex a platform that can enable deployment and development of both traditional and cloud native applications.

Supermicro Introduces Clean Energy Automated Rack Integration Facility

Today, Super Micro Computer, Inc. announced its, as well as Silicon Valley’s, first 3-megawatt clean energy automated rack integration facility. This facility will be an automated 60-rack burn-in facility with robotic Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to expedite the processing, delivery and deployment of large-scale datacenter investments. Supermicro claims that this will be one of the world’s largest clean energy automated rack integration facilities.

Dell EMC Unity 450F All-Flash Storage Review

The Dell EMC Unity family of storage is designed to meet the needs of the midrange customer with a variety of options including hybrid, all-flash and VSA deployment options. Dell EMC Unity storage generally takes over for the previous EMC VNX family. To say it's an evolution of VNX, though, isn't entirely accurate; EMC completely revamped the interface and continued ease-of-use and deployment developments that largely got underway with the VNXe in 2014. The interface is totally new, and the underlying code has been updated as well. The Unity array consists of a 2U chassis with dual-active/active controllers powered by Intel Xeon processors and 25 2.5" drive bays (there is also an option for 12 3.5" bays for the hybrid version). Systems scale up for more capacity and Dell EMC leverages TLC flash in the SSDs to help drive affordability. The systems support block, file, and VMware VVols with concurrent support for native NAS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel protocols. The all-flash systems (or hybrid with an all-flash pool) include data reduction features for further TCO gains. All Dell EMC Unity arrays can tier to the cloud easily and offer cloud-based analytics via CloudIQ with no additional investment. 

Intel SSD 760p Review

Intel is expanding its 3D NAND SSDs and its NVMe footprint with today’s release of the Intel SSD 760p Series. This M.2 SSD leverages an NVMe interface and the benefits that one would expect from it: mainly a performance increase and lower power consumption. The M.2 form factor also makes it ideal for mobile platforms such as ultra-thin notebooks.

Samsung 860 PRO SSD Review

The Samsung 860 PRO is the company’s latest and greatest consumer SSD that’s ready to make an impact on the market. The Samsung SSDs have been the most popular and easily the best price/performance drives over the past several years, with the last model (Samsung 850 PRO) setting a new bar in performance and capacity in a consumer drive. Featuring the latest 512Gb and 256Gb 64-layer V-NAND, 8Gb LPDDR4 mobile DRAM and a new MJX controller, the Samsung 860 PRO is specced to deliver the same results. Samsung states that their new MJX controller allows for faster communication with the host system, has improved Linux compatibility, and can effectively handle workstation storage.

Micron Releases First 64-Layer Enterprise SATA SSD

Today Micron Technologies announced the new 5200 series of SATA SSDs aimed at enterprise use. The 5200 Series is the first enterprise SSDs leveraging Micron’s 64-layer 3D NAND technology. The drive will be released in two flavors: ECO for scalability and PRO for write-intensive workloads.

Cloudian Releases HyperStore 7

Today Cloudian announced the latest version of its HyperStore platform, version 7. The company states that the latest version allows companies to unify multiple clouds and on-prem storage to a single storage pool. The platform achieves this through its scale-out architecture providing a single management view and a single set of APIs and tools for managing data no matter where it is stored.

Plextor M9Pe(G) NVMe SSD Review (512GB)

Introduced at CES 2018, the new Plextor M9Pe Series of SSDs are aimed at end users looking for more performance in their drives. While the Series has three models aimed at three slightly different use cases, for this review we will be focused on the M9Pe(G). The M9Pe(G) is a M.2 NVMe SSD that is ideal for gamers and prosumers that need high performance in a smaller form factor.

QNAP TVS-473 NAS Review

Designed for use cases such as virtualization and HD video editing and sharing, the QNAP TVS-473 is the company’s newest high-performance business NAS highlighted by its support for 10GbE connectivity, M.2 expansion slots, and quad-core AMD R-Series APU. This energy-efficient NAS also features AES-NI hardware encryption engine, up to 64GB RAM, USB 3.1 (10Gbps), AMD Radeon R7 Graphics performance and can expand the total raw storage capacity up to 144TB using the UX-800P QNAP expansion enclosure.