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Premio FlacheSAN1N4C-D4 Flash Array Data Transfer Node in SCinet

In November we attended the 2017 International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis -- better known as the 2017 Supercomputing Conference (SC17). Each year at the Supercomputing Conference, researchers and vendors from academia and industry assemble SCinet: a supercomputer and network fabric that serves as testbed and proof-of-concept for new high performance compute, networking, and storage technologies. Premio is one of the vendors who contributed hardware and expertise to the 2017 SCinet in the form of two FlacheSAN1N4C-D4 data node enclosures, with each node benchmarking  up to 24GB/s (168Gbps) sustained read throughput and up to 3.6M IOPS. This allowed SCinet to have the capacity to transfer large datasets at a fast cache speed.  

Netgear Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Security Camera Review

The Netgear Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Security Camera is part of the next generation of the company’s Arlo Pro camera line, which is highlighted by higher-quality 1080p HD video, a compact design for discreet placement, and Amazon Alexa support for live monitoring of cameras from the Echo Show and TVs connected with FireTV. The Arlo Pro 2 also features a weather-resistant build, allowing it to be placed virtually anywhere, while its solar panel (which is sold separately) gives the batteries a full charge with only a few days of full sunlight.

Seagate Introduces Multi Actuator Technology

Seagate Technology announced a way to potentially double its HDD performance while retaining the high capacity that they are known for, Multi Actuator Technology. This new technology is aimed at hyperscale data centers where price, performance, and capacity all need to be optimized. The technology can also help address other issues of expanding data and the need to store and analyze it.

QNAP QTS 4.3.4 Now Available

QNAP Systems has announced the official release of QTS 4.3.4 (previously in beta back in October), the latest release of its comprehensive NAS operating system. Version 4.3.4 focuses on the "essence of storage" to bring higher performance, multifunctional capabilities, and greater security to their NAS portfolio. 

Crucial MX500 SSD Review

Crucial has expanded its MX line of SSDs with the addition of the MX500 SATA SSD. The drive comes in two form factors: either 2.5” or M.2. It also comes in several capacities ranging from 250GB up to 2TB, though the 2TB version is for the 2.5” form factor only. The drive is being billed as a drop in replacement for HDDs or a low cost flash alternative for system builders and OEMs. 

Dell's NextWave Initiative Launches to Help Reduce Ocean Litter

Now more than ever, technology companies are trying to do their diligence in curbing the effects of human footprint and consumption on the environment. Oceans are one of these areas that are extremely vulnerable to human waste, particularly with plastics. In fact, some experts believe that more than 86 million metric tons of plastics are in the oceans at this very moment, which translates to more than 5 trillion pieces in total. This is a serious concern, especially since the vast majority of these plastic pieces are said to be under 5mm in size. This certainly makes extraction difficult.

Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd Server Review

In the spring of 2017, Dell EMC launched the much-anticipated refresh of the PowerEdge lineup, upgrading the PowerEdge lineup to Xeon SP from Broadwell. The refresh included the new R740 server family, which encompasses the mainstream R740 as well as the "extreme disk" version dubbed the R740xd, which we will be looking at in this review. This powerhouse server supports a wide range of storage options, stretching up to eighteen 3.5" or thirty-two 2.5" disks for incredible capacity, or up to twenty-four 2.5" NVMe SSDs, if breakneck storage I/O is more of your forte. Compute and DRAM aren't left in the backseat either, with the R740xd supporting up to dual Intel Xeon Scalable processors with 28 cores each and a peak memory footprint of 3TB max. There are few applications this new server wouldn't excel in, which is exactly the direction Dell EMC took when designing this ever-modular platform.

Micron Reports 1Q18 Earnings

This week Micron Technology, Inc. announced its earnings for the first quarter of its 2018 financial year, which ended November 30, 2017. Overall, Micron is showing a marked improvement in sales and earnings for this quarter. This news also had a positive impact on its stock as it saw a sharp jump before leveling off slightly higher than where it was before the earnings report.

Dell EMC ProSupport Enterprise Suite Review

Dell Services first launched its ProSupport service in 2008, and the response in the marketplace made it an award-winning service with high customer satisfaction. Five years later, Dell released its ProSupport Enterprise Suite to address the growing complexity in the converged IT enterprise environment. As the IT landscape evolves with virtualized systems, Big Data, Cloud, and converged infrastructure, the need for enterprise-class support is heightened. To address these needs, Dell EMC offers 3 tiers of support, as well as support for the Data Center.  Enterprise customers may choose from their Basic, ProSupport, or ProSupport Plus plans or select the ProSupport Enterprise Suite for the Data Center, which offers 4 levels of support.

Samsung Begins Mass Production Of 2nd-Gen 10-nanometer Class, 8Gb DDR4 DRAM Chips

Samsung has announced that it has begun mass producing the industry’s first 2nd-generation 10-nanometer class (1y-nm), 8Gb DDR4 DRAM. Designed for high-end computing systems from now and in the future, Samsung’s new RAM is touted as the highest performing and most energy-efficiency 8Gb DRAM chip available coupled with the smallest dimensions.