by Lyle Smith

Nutanix Announces Comprehensive VDI Program

Nutanix has announced a comprehensive program that delivers simplicity and predictability to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) management. With this solution, Nutanix customers can purchase advanced web-scale infrastructure per desktop, and de-risk their VDI investment using the industry’s first and only VDI Assurance pricing option.

Purchasing traditional server and storage infrastructure for VDI can be a complicated process and can also undermine the user experience when not properly sized or designed. Nutanix Per Desktop Program however, enables enterprises to purchase and deploy desktop infrastructure as a predictable, public cloud-like service, which minimizes long-term costs and retains the control and manageability upsides of an on-site deployment.

Nutanix is also offering VDI Assurance so that every virtual desktop receives sufficient server and storage resources to ensure deliver a consistent and high-quality experience. VDI administrators no longer need to estimate CPU, memory, and storage resources, which can fluctuate significantly with different user profiles as well as change unexpectedly over the course of a project. Now IT managers can simply determine the type and number of VDI users in their environment and transfer the risk of sizing infrastructure requirements to Nutanix. This essentially simplifies virtual desktop projects by allowing VDI purchases on a per-desktop basis, giving IT managers 100 percent predictability in performance and costs.

The program also supports a range of VDI user profiles (Kiosk, Task, Knowledge and Power) to ensure that enterprises pay for only the amount of resources that their users require. The program can be leveraged for VDI projects based on VMware Horizon or Citrix XenDesktop starting with as few as 150 desktops and scaling to over 10,000. 

In addition, Nutanix is offering Per Desktop through time-based purchase options, giving enterprises the ability to easily get the infrastructure they need, but only paying for the time they need it. Previously available to only with public cloud-based offerings, enterprises can now support any VDI projects that have perpetual or term-based consumption models.

Nutanix will be demonstrating its VDI solutions Citrix Synergy 2014 from May 6th to 8th at the Anaheim Convention Center. 

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