by Brian Beeler

OCZ Shows Off FHHL Z-Drive R4, Intrepid 3

OCZ has announced plans to release a smaller Z-Drive R4 designed to be compliant with the Open Compute Project. The current Z-Drive R4 is a full-height 3/4-length card; the new one is full-height, half-length. The smaller R4 will be able to fit in a greater variety of compute platforms, giving OCZ a more data-center compliant application accelerator product.

In terms of performance both drives will continue to feature eight LSI SandForce controllers, though there have been some software and driver updates that should provide lift in certain areas. OCZ has indicated to us that there will be a measurable performance boost in some categories, especially in Linux-based environments. The thermals are also far better on the new drive, OCZ has added a heat sink to the new model, which helps the drive better shed heat off critical components. 

OCZ is also using the Intel Developer's Forum to showcase other technologies like their ZD-XL SQL acceleration product and their upcoming enterprise SSD, the Intrepid 3. The Intrepid 3 is a 2.5" SATA SSD that will leverage OCZ's own Everest 2 platform, which is built around in-house Indilinx SSD controller. The controller has shown up in various consumer SSDs from the company but is yet to make its enterprise line debut. The Intrepid 3 will be the first enterprise SSD with the technology and in combination with the upcoming Z-Drive R6 that will also use the in-house controller, signals OCZ's attempt to differentiate by owning as much of their drives as possible. 

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