by Lyle Smith

OnApp Cloud v3.0 Now Available

OnApp has announced the general availability of OnApp Cloud v3.0, its latest version of cloud platform for service providers. With its integrated SAN, global CDN, and new support for VMware clouds, the OnApp Cloud v3.0 reduces costs needed to build cloud services. It also offers new methods for cloud providers to generate revenue by selling a broader range of services through their core cloud platform.

OnApp v3.0 Dashboard

OnApp's Cloud v3.0 includes:

  • OnApp Storage: An enterprise-class SAN specifically designed for cloud environments
  • OnApp CDN: An integrated global CDN with new support for VOD and live streaming
  • New support for VMware clouds
  • Ease for service providers to build a successful global cloud business using the highly automated VM management, DNS, load balancing, autoscaling, failover, firewalls, billing, user management, and other core cloud management functions.
  • Built-in, high-performance SAN enabling cloud providers to pool the capacity of SATA and SSD disks in their hypervisor servers to create fast, reliable, cost-effective storage for cloud services.  It also provides intuitive control of striping and redundancy, supports multiple tiers of storage, over-commit, and other key functionality for service providers. It also includes OnApp’s VM-aware technology, which removes performance bottlenecks by ensuring that data resides on the same server as the application that needs it.
  • VMware support: Cloud providers can manage clouds running on VMware vSphere 5, as well as those built on open source virtualization platforms such as Xen and KVM. This system gives providers more control over billing and user management, a more intuitive control panel, and reduced licensing costs compared to VMware's vCloud Director, vChargeback, and other tools.

Additional new features of OnApp Cloud v3.0 include several significant enhancements: a redesigned control panel with new wizards for VM provisioning, Cloud Boot, which is a new way for cloud providers to automate the setup and discovery of hypervisor servers which saves up to an hour, and over a hundred other enhancements and improvements.

Pricing and Availability

OnApp Cloud v3.0 is a free upgrade for current users of previous versions. New customers can access OnApp Cloud v3.0 with 1 cloud and up to 16 hypervisor cores for free, while the full version is OnApp’s standard monthly license ($100/cloud/month and $10/core/month). 

OnApp Cloud v3.0 Product Page