by Adam Armstrong

Panzura Aims To Allow Companies To Use Cloud As Primary Storage

Today Panzura announced the release of its new UI that is Google Maps-based and will monitor, alert, and report for the entire Panzura Global File System, the CloudFS Console. With CloudFS customers will be able to manage globally distributed, cloud-integrated storage easily enabling them to take advantage of the cost benefits associated with the cloud. CloudFS will also have a “Time Machine”-like ability allowing administrators to go back up to two weeks and see status and activity.

If businesses want to leverage the cloud as their primary storage they need to look at a new way in which to manage it. The CloudFS Console gives administrators a global view into all files. This means the cloud can be used as primary storage as admins can interface globally with the cloud and other remote offices. The most active data will still be cached on local controllers in order to maintain performance.

Benefits include:

  • Google Maps view of all controllers and connectivity between them
  • The ability to view activity, status and alerts going back in time up to 14 days
  • Status of locally cached data at each site
  • Status of cloud and network connectivity
  • Status of each controller
  • Status and information about every file stored in the Global File System
  • Alerts on any potential problems across the entire Panzura infrastructure, network and cloud


The Panzura CloudFS Console is available today to Panzura customers at no extra charge. 

Panzura CloudFS

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