by Adam Armstrong

Panzura & AWS Partner To Optimize Hybrid Cloud

As we previously mentioned, Panzura released SkyBridge to run VDI and application virtualization completely in the cloud. Now Panzura is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run SkyBridge within AWS as a seamless extension of the datacenter. This partnership aims to simplify networking with the cloud, connect to on-premises authentication services, automate the configuration of cloud services instances, and eliminate potential performance issues when applications and data are separated by latent network connections.

According to both IDC and Gartner, a majority of organizations will be moving to hybrid deployments within the next year. While Panzura has had a hybrid cloud model for some time they began to look for a better method of conveying the benefit of hybrid clouds. The solution was to make the cloud “feel” as though it is part of IT departments existing infrastructure. Panzura SkyBridge makes AWS into an extension of the datacenter.

SkyBridge enables users to deploy and run VDI completely in AWS. The infrastructure needed to run VDI in AWS is fully automated and configured using AWS’s unique API. SkyBridge can establish a network connection between the corporate datacenter and AWS for Active Directory authentication, sets up an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, and uses AWS CloudFormation templates to automatically launch all the required services including Amazon Workspaces, a Panzura Global File System controller, and Amazon Elastic Block Storage all with a single click. SkyBridge and AWS create a co-location of a locking file system on the AWS Cloud that is identical to the file system in the on-premises, corporate datacenter. This gives users the scalability and economics of AWS while maintaining existing security, performance, and productivity policies implemented in on-premises infrastructure.

Panzura SkyBridge


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