by Adam Armstrong

Panzura Commoditizes Market with Free Cloud Gateways

Panzura has announced that it is completely commoditizing the cloud storage gateway market by offering a free cloud gateway virtual appliance. This cloud gateway appliance provides cloud storage access for disaster recovery, backups and archiving. In a partnership with Google Cloud Platform, Panzura will provide two terabytes of free storage for a full year for users of Panzura’s cloud gateway.

With the increasing appeal of cloud backup, Panzura aims to “emphasize that rather than a cheap repository for bits of data, the real value of cloud storage is as a collaborative fabric that connects distributed offices, making them function as a single office.” Panzura is achieving this with its Global File System that enables cloud storage across a Wide Area Network to behave the same as on-premise storage arrays across a Local Area Network. Allowing cost savings not only from off-site disaster recovery, but also through cross-office collaborations across distributed locations.

Panzura and Google are removing the barriers to cloud adoption by allowing businesses to continue to use traditional on premises protocols such as NFS, CIFS and iSCSI while seamlessly moving data to the Google object store in the cloud. Panzura will continue to offer its Cloud Controllers as part of its Global File System (at a cost) to enable cross-office collaboration. The Panzura Cloud Gateway supports Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure Storage, EMC Atmos, and Cleversafe.


The appliance is available now at Panzura’s website with a free support forum.

Panzura’s Solutions page

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